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Super Bowl LV Bingo Board

This year’s Super Bowl will be different for a number of reasons. For players, the week leading in has to be filled with caution in order to follow league health and safety protocols. For fans, the televised game should be as enticing as ever with a fantastic matchup. Most people will probably be missing out on their usual Super Bowl parties, or at least running on smaller capacities.

Some of the most fun mainstays of Super Bowl parties can still happen in a remote setting. Squares pools easily done over shared spreadsheets or e-mail threads and prop sheets are readily available to pass around digitally to friends. Bingo boards offer another unique way to interact with the Big Game whether you are a supreme NFL diehard or just a fan of the Super Bowl spectacle.

Below is a blank bingo board to be filled out by each participant. Below the board, are five categories of selections. Fill each column in any order you want while using only items listed in those categories. As soon as one of your items occurs, check off that box. The one exception is that the center square must be either “Chiefs Win” or “Buccaneers Win” and can only be checked at the end of the game.

The rules are simple: five boxes checked off in a row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) is a bingo. Most of the items to choose from are expected to happen. The winner will be whoever completes a bingo first.

In-Game PlaysTrickier PlaysHalftimeBroadcastCommercials
*Game Winner*


Bingo Board Categories and Items

In-Game Plays
This category is comprised of plays that are common and will likely happen during the game.
Bucs TD
Chiefs TD
Bucs 10-yard run
Chiefs 10-yard run
Brady gets sacked
Mahomes gets sacked
Kelce 3 catches
Hill 3 catches
Evans 3 catches
Godwin 3 catches
Trickier Plays
This category is comprised of plays less likely to happen during the game.
Defense/Special Teams TD
25+ yard TD
Missed FG or PAT
50+ yard FG
2 point conversion attempt
Mahomes run for 1st down
Mahomes push pass
Either QB throws a pick
Non-starting QB completes pass
Gronk spike
This category is comprised of songs that halftime artist The Weeknd may perform. Select four songs and check them off as they are performed.
Blinding Lights
Can’t Feel My Face
I Feel It Coming
In Your Eyes
Pray For Me
Save Your Tears
The Hills
This category is comprised of potential occurrences during the broadcast. It includes things the commentators might say, graphics that may be displayed, and things that may be shown on-screen.
Brittany Matthews is on-screen
Gisele Bundchen is on-screen
Roger Goodell is on-screen
Graphic of Tom Brady + his Super Bowl rings
Graphic of Andy Reid + a cheeseburger
Graphic of Patrick Mahomes + ketchup
Kindergarten is mentioned
Haircut/Barber is mentioned
Vegas betting lines or spreads are mentioned
Gene Steratore talks
Tony Romo correctly predicts a play
Either commentator is wrong about a review
This category is comprised of confirmed Super Bowl ad spot companies. Once the first commercial by a selected company airs, check off the box
Bud Light
Mountain Dew
Uber Eats
If you get swept up in the action, follow @CoachKochman on Twitter for live updates on which boxes should be checked or follow the hashtag #TGHBingo. A sample board is displayed below.
In-Game PlaysTrickier PlaysHalftimeBroadcastCommercials
Kelce 3 catchesMissed FG or PATBlinding LightsKindergarten is mentionedTide
Bucs 10-yard runMahomes push passIn Your EyesGraphic of Patrick Mahomes + ketchupPringles
Hill 3 catches50+ yard FGChiefs WinRoger Goodell is on-screenDoritos
Mahomes gets sacked25+ yard TDCan’t Feel My FaceGene Steratore talksMountain Dew
Chiefs TDEither QB throws a pickStarboyGraphic of Tom Brady + his Super Bowl ringsBud Light

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