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Should the Eagles Trade for Nick Foles in 2021

Should the Eagles Trade for Nick Foles

Nick Foles will always be an historic player for the Philadelphia Eagles after his magical run as a backup quarterback in 2017.

Foles took over when former Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz went down with a torn ACL in a victory over the Los Angeles Rams in Week 15. Foles took over after that and won games against the New York Giants and, at that time, the Oakland Raiders. The Eagles with Foles at the helm did end up losing to the Cowboys in their final regular season game, though. During the playoffs, Foles unexpectedly led the Eagles past the Falcons and the Vikings to make it to the Super Bowl. Foles and the Eagles would then beat Tom Brady and Patriots to win the Lombardi Trophy. 

Fast forward to 2021, and the Eagles are again thinking about the prospect of trading for Nick Foles. Is this a good move for the Eagles? Should the Eagles trade for Nick Foles in 2021? 

Nick Foles since his magical Super Bowl run 

Foles would then return for the Eagles in 2018 and start five games with them. He passed for 1,413 yards in his five games as starting quarterback. Foles also had seven touchdowns and four interceptions that year before Wentz returned as starter. The former Eagle then got traded to Jacksonville and returned as a starter in 2019. Foles would start four games with Jacksonville that year. He passed for 734 yards and three touchdowns. Foles also had two interceptions during those four games. Foles got hurt and ended up getting benched in Jacksonville, as they then went with Gardner Minshew at quarterback. Jacksonville would then trade Foles to the Chicago Bears. He would start seven games for the Bears in 2020. He passed for 1,852 yards and passed for 10 touchdowns. Foles did turn the ball over a lot as he had eight interceptions that year. 

Is Foles a good fit for the Eagles in 2021 

Foles is mostly known for his accuracy as a quarterback. He has a completion percentage above 60 percent during most of his seasons in the NFL. The only years he went below this mark was during his 2014 and 2015 seasons. He completed 59 percent of his passes in 2014 and 56 percent in 2015. Foles takes care of the ball. He only had a 2.6 interception percentage with the Bears in 2020 and has basically stayed around the percentage his whole career.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Daniel/ Getty Images

The bad thing about Foles is that he is injury prone. He suffered multiple shoulder injuries that have made it difficult for him to finish a season as a starter. If Foles gets traded to the Eagles he would have to compete against Jalen Hurts and Nate Sudfeld. His biggest competitor will be Hurts, who gave the Eagles a lift at the end of the 2020 season. His only win came against a playoff caliber team in the New Orleans Saints in week 14.

Is it a good idea to trade for Foles?

Should the Eagles trade for Nick Foles? Trading for Nick Foles would be a step back for the Eagles. Foles has not put together a full NFL season in a long time. If the Eagles did trade for him, then that would mean the Eagles are leaning more towards Hurts as the starter in 2021. However, Foles would make the  competition tough for Hurts, as he is a proven veteran in the NFL.

As stated earlier, Foles has not had the best luck with injuries in recent years and the Eagles would be taking a risk with him, even just as a backup if something were to happen to Hurts. It could put the Eagles in an even worse position than the debacle of a season that was 2020 was for the Eagles. The Eagles either need a young quarterback in the draft or another quarterback in free agency that is more reliable. The Eagles cannot relive the past with Foles. They need to look towards the future as there is a lot of quarterback talent that they can use to their advantage around the NFL.

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odojoe March 26, 2021 at 2:46 pm

The Eagles should trade for and start Foles. You know the Lombardi trophy Foles, the Philly Special Foles, teh 25 straight completions Foles, the 7 TDs in one game Foles, the best ever Eagle QBR Foles, the non diva Foles, the team respected Foles, need I continue?


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