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Could the Philadelphia Eagles trade for Deebo Samuel?

Deebo Samuel Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are still on the market for another receiver. Philadelphia has been looking into getting an elite status receiver within free agency and through trades, but all their attempts have come up short. Recently, Deebo Samuel has requested to get traded from the San Francisco 49ers. Reports have come out that the Eagles could make a move to bring Samuel to Philly.  Now, the Eagles could do this, but they will have to make the deal sweet for the 49ers if they want to acquire one of the best receivers of 2021. This article will go through what Deebo Samuel has done in the NFL and what the Philadelphia Eagles need to do to acquire him.

What Samuel has done with the 49ers?

Samuel was drafted in the in the second round of the NFL Draft by the 49ers in 2019. He quickly made a statement in his first year in the NFL as he racked up 802 yards receiving yards and three touchdowns during his rookie year. In 2020, he missed a lot of the season with injuries as he dealt with a foot fracture and a strained hamstring. However, Samuel was good during the time he played that year. He had 391 yards receiving and one touchdown. He also had 11.8 yards per reception.

The 49ers wide receiver really made a name for himself in 2022. He had over 1,400 receiving yards. This was good enough to be 5th in the NFL in that category. Samuel also had six touchdowns. Not only did Samuel excel as a receiver but he also ran the ball quite a bit over the season. He ended the year with 356 yards receiving and eight touchdowns. Samuel became notched his pro bowl and put himself in that elite receiver category.

What can he do for the Eagles?

Samuel would turn this Eagles team into a major playoff contender with good odds at possibly making it to the Super Bowl. Samuel is a major threat to defenses because he can do it all. He has great hands and is always reliable when the ball is thrown to him. Samuel caught 63 percent of his passes this past year, which is pretty good with him getting 121 targets over the season.

Deebo Samuel Philadelphia Eagles

Photo courtesy of Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times.

Furthermore, Samuel also has speed which makes him threat anytime he catches the ball. What makes Samuel good is he can consistently be a running a back too, which is impressive. The 49ers loved to use him in motion or when they did an end around. Samuel is also strong and can shed tackles if he needs too. Samuel would give the Eagles the weapon that will put them over the top. The duo of Devonta Smith and Samuel would be a nightmare for every NFL defense. Not to mention, if the Eagles stick with their run first offense and are successful then the Eagles will be major threat in the air and on the ground.

How can the Eagles make the trade happen?

Philadelphia has the resources to make this deal. Even with the Saints trade, Philadelphia still has two first round draft picks in their pocket. Not to mention other talent that they could get rid of. Jalen Reagor is the first player that comes to mind. This would immediately give the 49ers something to work with after losing a key piece to their offense. Furthermore, just because Reagor has not been great with the Eagles doesn’t mean he won’t excel within another offense. He is still young and has all the talent to be successful in the NFL. Another question is affording Samuel. He will have a high asking price which would mean the Eagles would have to free up some cap space to acquire the 49ers receiver.

In conclusion, it is possible the Eagles can get this deal done. However, something says it is not likely with the luck they have had trying other good receivers. It is possible that they pass on him and take a high valued receiver in the draft.  Time will tell what the Philadelphia Eagles will decide to do with this opportunity to get Deebo Samuel.

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