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RG III to the Cleveland Browns: What This Means for the Draft

RG III is now signed to the Cleveland Browns. The deal is for 2 years. Now what should that do to the Cleveland Browns’ draft board? I would not take a quarterback in the first round! Cleveland, please don’t pick a quarterback! We all know y’all can’t draft quarterbacks well. So this time please just ride it out with RG III the next two years.

Jeff Zelevanski/ Getty Images

Jeff Zelevanski/ Getty Images

In this draft, the Browns can do so much with the number 2 pick. If I were the Browns, this is the best situation they have been in in years. You have RG III ready to prove the doubters wrong, and you a quarterback whisperer in Hue Jackson. Jackson made Andy Dalton and AJ McCarron look good. With Jackson’s resume, he might be eligible for Hogwarts. Now back to the draft, there are only two real options for the Browns and the number two picks.

'Zeke fever hits the NFL in 2016. Will he do enough to be ROY? (Photo by: The Big Lead)
(Photo by: The Big Lead)
  1. The Browns need offense weapons. They have a Pro Bowl left tackle in Joe Thomas. Thomas is probably the best left tackle in the game. So I think the next best way to protect any quarterback is to draft a running back. Drafting Ezekiel Elliot is the best option. He is the most complete running back in the draft. A good running game for the most part is second best way to protect a quarterback. Ask Tony Romo and he will tell you the same thing. Elliot can run the ball, catch the ball out of the back field and block. If Coach Hue Jackson wants to he can run the zone game with Elliot. Elliot really does remind me of a back like Jeremy Hill. Both backs can do all three things: run, block, and catch the football. Coach Jackson is very familiar with Hill since Jackson coached Hill in Cincy. The Browns could then see if teams want to trade a pick for their current RB, Isaiah Crowell and use that pick to sure up their O-Line since Pro Bowl center Alex Mack left or get a wide receiver.  Then they keep Duke Johnson Jr. on the team and use him as a change of pace RB, like how Jackson used Giovanni Bernard in Cincy. They can then get a QB in the second round like Christian Hackenberg. I like this option the most.
  2. Rogelio V. Solis/ AP
    Rogelio V. Solis/ AP

    Option 2 is to trade the pick. You can always trade the pick with a team that needs a quarterback, like the 49ers, Rams, or even the Broncos. You trade the number 2 pick and swap first round picks and get more picks to try and develop your team and fill the holes of your roster. Or you trade the pick and get a really good player for the pick instead. If I trade the pick and swap first round picks, I will pick either Ole Miss wide receiver Laquon Treadwell or Ezekiel Elliot, if he is still available. The way the Browns’ roster is crafted now, no QB can strive there because there are no weapons.

Cleveland Browns: Don’t pull a Browns’ move and pick a quarterback in the first round, the city of Cleveland and the state of Ohio is counting on you.

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