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Review of the New York Jets vs. Denver Broncos

The New York Jets and Denver Broncos met at Mile High Stadium this weekend, and the Jets would like to erase every second of it from their memory. Every single second of the game was hard to experience, and the team struggled in every phase. And yes, including offensively. Surprise. Here is a review of the New York Jets vs. Denver Broncos.

Zach Wilson: Not a Bust

Zach Wilson is getting absolutely murdered on the field this season. Through three games, he has been sacked 15 times, by far the most in the NFL. And if you are in the mood for a little bit of irony, here is a quote from Right Guard Greg Van Roten, regarding his rookie quarterback: “He’s got to learn this is the NFL and you have to get the ball out. You can’t hold onto it and try to make a play and throw it deep down the field. We’ve got to protect him better. It starts with us upfront, so we have to get on the same page.”

While some of the blame surely is to be put on Wilson, it seems a little ironic that the 53rd ranked Guard in the NFL, per PFF, is giving advice here. The offensive line has been ATROCIOUS. However, Wilson has not been good. He has thrown seven interceptions through three games and while this isn’t a great sign, it’s just three games.

Surely at this point, people are expecting top quarterbacks to be stars right away. Look at Justin Herbert, Dak Prescott, Deshaun Watson, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, etc. These are all players who came in and started right away and played great. Three games is simply not enough time to cast judgment on a 21-year-old quarterback in the biggest market in the United States. While Wilson is not showing much improvement, given his supporting cast, which is no doubt better than anything Sam Darnold had, he deserves some time for growing pains.

It should also be mentioned that the Jets receivers have not done Wilson a ton of favors. Corey Davis had a couple of big drops, including what would have been a big gain on 3rd down late in the 3rd quarter. For reference, Braxton Berrios looked like the best receiver on the team this week. Perhaps Denzel Mims should see the field next week?

The Defense Is Still… Not Bad?

While the final score was 26-0, the defense once again was NOT an issue. When the defense is on the field for 60% of the game, only allowing 26 points is not bad. They generated pressure up front, and Quinnen Williams finally made his presence felt. He finished the game with 1.5 sacks, and Bryce Huff helped him out with the other .5 sacks.

While 26 points is still a little too much, the Broncos passing game was not able to get too much going against the Jets’ collection of young defensive backs. Tim Patrick was able to consistently beat Brandin Echols, but outside of him, Courtland Sutton was the leading receiver for the Broncos with 37 yards on 5 catches. The run defense also held up, allowing less than 3.5 yards per carry. While the offensive struggles are sure to irk fans beyond belief, the defense should grant a little bit of hope.

One thing the defense will need to do better is force takeaways. Robert Saleh’s defenses have not exactly been known to force turnovers, but it would surely help the offense. They generate plenty of pressure up front, but they haven’t been able to translate that pressure into forced fumbles or interceptions. The defense currently ranks 10th in yards allowed per game, and that is a very positive sign.

A Big Test in Week 4

In week 4, the Jets play host the Tennessee Titans, who come in fresh off a win against the Indianapolis Colts. The Titans are in the middle of the pack in the NFL in terms of total defense, and they are just above the Jets at seven sacks on the season. If the Jets can contain the Titans pass rush, they may have a chance to score more than 0 points.

The offense really needs to put it together. The fans aren’t asking for 50 points per game, just more than 6 points per game. The defense should be fine, although stopping Derrick Henry and Julio Jones is a very tall task. Updates will come out this week whether or not A.J. Brown plays, but his return should mean an even taller task. Hopefully another ‘good week of practice’ will mean more than it has in weeks past, or even seasons past.

This team needs some serious improvement. Every facet of the team can be better, and the excuses are running dry. This has been a review of the New York Jets vs. Denver Broncos.


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