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Reggie Bush Triumphs over the Los Angeles Rams in Court

Reggie Bush

On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, a jury at the St. Louis Circuit Court granted retired running back Reggie Bush $12.5 million from his injury at the Edward Jones Dome. Sources say that the Rams failed to keep their conditions safe inside the dome. In result, this led to Bush’s massive fall. The jury claimed that it was the Ram’s fault for failing to make their stadium a hazard free place. Here’s what happened.


On November 1, 2015, Bush returned a punt during a game against the St. Louis Rams. The running back was pushed out of bounds, tried to slow down, but he found himself running on to the concrete surface. Then, Bush slipped and took a hard fall to the ground. He suffered a huge ACL tear on his left knee, and this caused him to sit out for the rest of the season.

Reggie Bush
Reggie Bush taken to the locker room after suffering a season ending ACL injury.
(CBS Sports)

Sources say that Bush wasn’t the only person that slipped and fell onto the concrete at the Edward Jones Dome. When Josh McCown was the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, he slipped on the same spot and suffered a severe shoulder injury. The case between Bush and the St. Louis Rams was taken up at the state court of Missouri. Bush’s attorneys stated that all sports facilities are responsible for the safety of guests, including players, coaches, cheerleaders and refs.

They are to keep clear of any objects that’ll cause injury to anybody and to make sure all areas are safe.

In response, the Rams claimed that Bush couldn’t prove that his fall on the concrete surface caused his injury. The former running back had several knee injuries in the past; so they made an assumption that he possibly could’ve re-injured the same knee. The Rams also stated that Reggie should’ve confronted the commissioners of the NFL first before taking the conflict to court and that the lawsuit should be dismissed because of preemption.


The Rams, St. Louis Regional Convention and Visitors Commission, and Sports Complex defended themselves, stating that if the public stadium had any responsibility or control over the premises, then they can be held liable. But, it wasn’t enough, for they were fully responsible for Bush’s injury on that day. St. Louis Circuit Court Judge Calea Reid and the rest of the jury found the Rams guilty. Now the Rams are on the verge of coughing up $12.5 million to the former 49er. 

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