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Recap of Derrick Henry’s 2020 Season

Derrick Henry had a spectacular season in 2020. In his fifth season in the NFL, Henry had one of the best seasons for a running back in NFL history. Even the best defenders in the league struggled to stop Henry. He was named NFL Offensive Player of the Year and named to his second Pro Bowl. With is explosive speed and agility, Henry will only get better as the years go on.

Henry’s first big game came during Week 3 of the season against the Minnesota Vikings. He totaled 119 yards with two rushing touchdowns in a 31-30 win against the Vikings. In the next two games Henry would also score two rushing touchdowns each, helping lead the Titans to a five-game winning streak in the beginning of the season.

Derrick Henry running through the Colt defense during Week 10 of the season (Photo Credit: Jeffrey Brown/Getty Images)

One of Henry’s best games of the season was during Week 10 against the Indianapolis Colts. He ran for 178 yards with three rushing touchdowns. He ran over one of the league’s best defenses and led his team into first place in the AFC South. He also had 27 carries in the game while avoiding tackles left and right.

Another huge game for Henry was the last game of the season against the Houston Texans where he had a season-high 250 rushing yards with two rushing touchdowns. After this game, Henry made history ranking fifth all-time for the most rushing yards in a single season in the NFL with 2,027.

Henry thought he made a strong argument for NFL MVP, however, did not receive one vote for it. The MVP was awarded to Aaron Rodgers who had a career-best 48 touchdown passes along with 4,299 passing yards and a 70.7 percent completion rate. Henry does admit it hurts not getting any votes for MVP after having a 2,000+ rushing yard season and it would be even more hurtful if he has another 2000+ season and still does not win it.

“If I get 2K again and don’t win… that’s disrespectful,” says Henry.

Henry would have to break even more NFL records if he wants to win NFL MVP in the future (Photo Credit: Spencer Carroll/Last Word on Sports)

Henry will not be slowing down, as he does have the ability to have another 2,000+ rushing yards season. Former Titans running back Eddie George praises Henry on the season he had and knows he will just get better as the years go on.

“The year he had was one for the ages. When you have in front of your name, ‘the only running back to do something in NFL history” or ‘one of eight to run for 2,000 yards’ or ‘the only back to have this or that. … He had the ultimate year, and the only thing missing from it was an MVP accolade, Super Bowl MVP, and going to the Super Bowl. That is the only thing missing from going to a dream season like that. It was remarkable what he did this year,” said George to NBC Sports.

Each season Henry wants to become an even better player. After the loss to the Ravens, Henry thought he could have performed better and has been working out ever since that loss to work on becoming a better player he already is.

“After we lost against the Ravens, I was pissed,” said Henry to CBS Sports. “That’s just how I always am. I’m my worst critic. I feel like I could have played better to help us win. Probably like a day or two after that, I went back to working out and been working out ever since getting ready for next year. My body feels good. I know 378 carries is a lot – and then last year and then the playoff run – but my body feels good, I’m ready to go, and I continue training just so I can be ready for next season”

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