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Potential Trade Destinations for Will Fuller

The NFL Trade Deadline is within a week, which means some key players will be on the move. One of the players who has been involved in trade rumors is Will Fuller of the Houston Texans. Here are the five potential trade destinations for Will Fuller.

1. Green Bay Packers

Potential Trade Destinations for Will Fuller

Aaron Rodgers (Photo by

It has been well-noted how much the Packers need to get Aaron Rodgers more help. They neglected to do so this offseason, which leaves a gaping need on the team. Rodgers has a great number one target in Davante Adams, but really doesn’t have much to work with after that. A trade for Fuller would give Rodgers an explosive weapon.

Fuller has shown flashes of being a good receiver in his career, but has been injured a lot of times too. That makes trading for him a risk, but the Packers should be exploring all avenues to improve their team this season to help Aaron Rodgers. If Fuller can stay healthy, Rodgers will have an easier time lighting up defenses.

2. San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have been one of the more injury-plagued teams this season. That has extended to their wide receivers. Deebo Samuel has missed time and several wide receivers they brought in weren’t even able to play a snap for them this season. If the 49ers want to compete, they should look at adding wide receiver help.

San Francisco has a good running game, but are not the most effective in the passing game. If they got Fuller to stretch defenses out, it could open things up for the whole offense. With Fuller, Brandon Aiyuk and Samuel (when healthy) at wide receiver and Kittle at tight end, the 49ers would see improvement to their offense as a whole.

3. New England Patriots

New England has just two wins on the season, but if they still want to make a playoff push they can. Their offense really needs to do better if they want to get to that point though. They don’t have many healthy wide receivers and even when their wide receivers are healthy they aren’t the greatest.

Fuller would be the best vertical threat on the Patriots and could help Cam Newton attack defenses downfield. This could open up the offense for New England, which could make all the difference. With a win or two in the next few weeks, the Patriots can be right back in playoff contention.

4. Miami Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa has just taken over the starting quarterback job for the Dolphins. The Dolphins are also in playoff contention this season. A trade for Fuller would help the team out now and could give Tagovailoa a good target to use in the future.

Miami sits at 4-3 on the season, which means they are still in play for the AFC East and a Wild Card spot. Adding Fuller could stretch defenses, which would give Tagovailoa a chance to read the whole field. The Dolphins have draft picks to spare if they decide they want to make a move.

5. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have a great defense and usually are able to run the ball well. They could improve their passing game to give themselves a better chance at competing for a Super Bowl. Philip Rivers isn’t the same quarterback he once was, but Fuller could make the offense a bit more explosive.

Trading within the division makes this more difficult, but the Colts should call and inquire about Fuller to improve their passing game. T.Y. Hilton is currently dealing with a groin injury and the Colts could use another wide receiver outside of him anyways. If they offer enough, the Texans will listen.


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