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Potential trade destinations for Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson trade

Reports have been leaking out of Seattle lately that Russell Wilson is moderately unhappy with the Seahawks. Among the problems that have been cited are the lack of offensive line talent and a rift that occurred after the firing of offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

Of course a superstar like Wilson has a no-trade clause, so there are certain teams who will be out of the running regardless. But if Wilson forces a trade out of Seattle (a la Deshaun Watson), here are the possible trade destinations that make the most sense for his continued success.

Indianapolis Colts

Being that one of Wilson’s main issues with the Seahawks organization is the amount of sacks he is taking behind a bad offensive line, Indianapolis makes perfect sense for him.

The Colts have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. This is why they were able to sign 38-year-old Phillip Rivers in 2020. Rivers was perhaps the least mobile quarterback in the league last year, but succeeded nonetheless due to a clean pocket. Indianapolis also has an emerging star at running back, some good wide receivers and an up-and-coming defense.

Not only does this trade make sense for Wilson and the Colts (who need a new quarterback after Rivers retired), but it would also be in the Seahawks’ best interest to send Wilson out of the conference. The Colts and the Seahawks do not have to see each other much, which needs to be taken into consideration if a star player is changing hands.

Philadelphia Eagles

All reports lead to Carson Wentz being traded within the week. Why not just swap quarterbacks?

Russell Wilson trade
Wentz has a large price tag and has shown regression.(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Sure, the Eagles would have to give up a lot more in the trade to make up for Wentz’s nine figure salary and his declining pay, but that is exactly what the Seahawks would want if they have to give up Wilson. Seattle could end up with multiple first rounders and a reclamation project that could end up being worth his exorbitant price tag, if he returns to form.

On the flip side, the Eagles have receivers for Russell (if they can stay healthy) and an offense that is already being built for a mobile quarterback. Philadelphia is keen on giving the reins to running QB Jalen Hurts and Wilson is nothing but a proven version of him.

The main concern is the offensive line. Wentz took a lot of hits and was pressured constantly in 2020. Philly needs to shore that up if they are going to take full advantage of Wilson.

New York Jets

The Jets have landed the most coveted coaching prospect in the NFL for 2021. A defensive guru who will immediately pride himself on being a culture-changer. That sounds eerily familiar to Wilson’s first couple of years in Seattle.

Now, the Jets need a metric ton of work and they will have to do a lot of it through the draft. Unfortunately, they would have to give up a wealth of their high-value picks to get the deal done with Seattle. However, Saleh will shore up the defense quickly, the offensive line is coming together and Wilson has made a living turning no-name receivers into borderline stars (see Tyler Lockett).

Seattle would surely get Sam Darnold in return for Wilson, along with plenty of picks. Darnold is a player, much like Wentz, who could pay huge dividends if he is given the right opportunity, which he never was in New York. Again, it makes sense for Seattle to trade Wilson out of the conference and they could see what they have in Darnold before using one of the Jets’ high picks on a quarterback.

The only hard sell here is convincing Wilson to play for the Jets, who need multiple positions revamped, while Seattle picks them clean of their hard-earned draft picks. But, the Jets and Seahawks have done business before (Jamal Adams trade) and it seemed to work out for both sides.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Would the Jaguars trade the pick that will certainly become Trevor Lawrence for Russell Wilson?

Russell Wilson trade rumors
Would Urban Meyer want Wilson instead of Lawrence? (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

That all depends if new head coach Urban Meyer would rather develop a quarterback or have a proven commodity. Wilson can win now and is only 32-years-old. He can lure free agents to Jacksonville and he will have the chance to play in a much easier division.

Surely other players and picks would trade hands, but the main draw here is the number one overall pick. There is no telling how valuable that could be to the Seahawks, or if they even like Trevor Lawrence as much as other teams and pundits seem to.

But, if the price is right and Lawrence comes with the deal, it would be foolish of the Seahawks to not consider the move. Especially if Wilson believes he can win with Meyer. It may be worth kicking the tires on this one.

Featured Image courtesy of Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

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