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Potential Replacements For Matt Nagy

Replacing Matt Nagy

As the NFL regular season comes to an end the Chicago Bears have not had the season they had hoped for. Rolling into week 15 the Bears are 4-9 with a 0% chance of making the playoffs. Many Chicago sports fans are putting the blame on coach Matt Nagy and are looking for him to be fired. It is important that the Bears make the right decision in their next coach, especially with such a young team. Nagy’s final year of his contract is 2022 and there have been no talks of an extension at this point. The suspicion is that the Bears will pay Nagy his $7 million and replace him this off-season. This seems to be best for the Bears organization as Nagy has underperformed since his 2018 Coach of The Year award. The question is who will replace Nagy?

The Perfect Coach For the Bears

There has been a plethora of problems this year for the Bears from injury, poor play calls, a non-existent offense and a now struggling defense. The Bears are in need of a coach that not only can make the right game-time decisions, but who can develop a young group of players. The Bears’ defense has always been the backbone of the team but the offense hasn’t been able to show up. It is essential that the next coach has the ability to develop Justin Fields as a leader while creating chemistry on the offensive side of the ball. Nagy was often unsure and hesitant about decisions which led to a lot of confusion.

Byron Leftwich

The Buccaneers offensive coordinator is a coach that could really help the Bears as he is coming off a Super Bowl win with the Buccaneers. A positive for the Bears is that Leftwich played quarterback for Marshall as well as the Steelers and Buccaneers. This could be beneficial for Fields as it is important that the head coach and quarterback have a strong bond. Leftwich has had the ability to build his offense for the past two years and with that has come much success. For the Bears, a strong offense leads to a stronger more motivated defense. The less the Bears’ defense is on the field and the more the offense scores the better the outcome of the game.

Leftwich can provide that spark the offense needs and cater to the pieces the Bears have on offense which Nagy was unable to do. With Leftwich only being 41 years old he has the ability to relate and coincide with this Bears team. Even though Leftwich is an offensive-minded coach the Bears defense is a strong group and has leaders such as Khalil Mack, Roquan Smith and Eddie Jackson that will get the defense right. Although Leftwich has never been a head coach there is a lot of potential for him to give the Bears the spark they need.

Greg Roman

As the Ravens’ Offensive Coordinator since 2019, Roman has found much success even helping guide Lamar Jackson to his MVP. While Roman’s original offense did not fit Jackson at first he made adjustments to best suit his quarterback so that the team could succeed. This is something Nagy failed to do as a play-caller and tried to force a style of play that did not suit Fields. Roman has the ability to read his players and implement a strong offense that fits everyone. With Fields and Jackson complementing each other’s play in some aspects Roman should be able to help this Bears offense.

Roman has also been in the league since 2015 where he was the offensive coordinator for the Bills. Experience is always a positive when it comes to coaching in the NFL because it allows players to trust you. Leadership is a very powerful tool when it comes to coaching because you want your team to follow you into battle. With Roman being under John Harbaugh he has learned a lot and knows what he needs to do to lead a team. Thus making him a very strong candidate for replacing Nagy as well as a lot of other coaches in the league.


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