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Potential Players for Philadelphia to Release

Potential Players for Philadelphia to Release

The Philadelphia Eagles are set to have a difficult offseason when it comes to deciding what players to release. Howie Roseman’s controversial drafting and offseason signings have put Philadelphia in one of the worst salary cap situations in the league. Despite this offseason being extremely crucial, after the disappointing 2020 season, things will not be getting any easier. Philadelphia’s roster is very questionable all-around as it pertains to age and overall talent. With a roster like this, there is not much more for negative results, but it’s been happening that way, regardless. The Eagles will have minimal cap space as they will expectedly be over the salary cap by around $45 million. Although the situation is quite terrible, several players could be released to aid the situation. As a result, Philadelphia will need to drop some players in order to address the salary situation.

Alshon Jeffery

Potential Players for Philadelphia to Release

Image courtesy of USA Today Sports/Eagles Wire

Jeffery has been a major candidate to experience a departure from Philadelphia after his lack of production. the 30-year-old wide receiver has experienced a clear decline in production since his 2017 season. While injury has impacted his numbers and overall ability, his contract has been a tough hit for the Eagles organization. His four-year, $52 million contract signed in December of 2017 should’ve brought about impressive numbers, but that has not been the case. The 2018 season had solid production with more receiving yards than the previous year, but the numbers have dropped since. According to rumors and occasional reports, the Jeffery-Wentz relationship has not been very strong. If Wentz is the quarterback that Philadelphia rides with then Jeffery staying will only hurt the situation. Jeffery is most definitely one of the most likely players to experience a release from the Eagles this offseason.

Salary cap relief: $7.9 million saved

Derek Barnett

Potential Players for Philadelphia to Release
Image courtesy of NBC Sports

The 2017 Super Bowl fumble recovery hero could be in trouble this offseason as a possible release option. Barnett is a curious situation for the Eagles because he has not been a major problem for the team. The Eagles pass-rusher has been a somewhat consistent defender over his four years with Philadelphia. Barnett’s problems have been occasional injuries and a lack of increase of production. While his numbers are acceptable, for a team that is struggling like they are now, acceptable is not quite enough. As a player who is likely on the chopping block, he should be standing out as a major play-maker and playing like a true first-rounder. With Josh Sweat showing up much more prominently and making numerous big plays at the right time, Barnett is in even more trouble. The defense is another hot topic for Philadelphia and Barnett’s situation only adds fuel to the fire.

Salary cap relief: $10 million saved

Zach Ertz

Potential Players for Philadelphia to Release
Image courtesy of Fansided/Inside the Iggles

Ertz represents a very difficult situation for the organization and fans when it comes to his future in Philadelphia. The beloved Eagles tight end gave the fanbase a heart-wrenching press conference that appeared to be an official farewell to Philadelphia. After Ertz’s history-making 2018 season most people believed that he would be an Eagle for life. Yet, it has not worked out that way; Ertz is on the brink of leaving Philadelphia. The fan-favorite and class-act that Ertz has been for the Eagles should be appreciated regardless of his difficult 2020 season. After not reaching a new deal with Lurie and Roseman, Ertz’s time in Philadelphia is limited. While his tough 2020 season could make Ertz’s asking price decrease, Philadelphia’s salary cap situation still looms large. Even though numerous fans don’t want to see Ertz leave, it might have to happen to ensure any chance for future success for Philadelphia.

Salary cap relief: $4.7 million saved


Featured image courtesy of The Philadelphia Inquirer

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