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Potential Landing Spots for Carson Wentz

Potential Landing Spots for Carson Wentz

As of this week, the talks involving a possible trade of Carson Wentz have been heating up exponentially. The Philadelphia Eagles have stated that they intend to keep Wentz on the team, but those statements are looking bleak. The negative stories and reports about Wentz have been pouring out lately and it seemed like it was only a matter of time.

While trade talk had become somewhat of old news, they have reappeared in full force. It is difficult to keep up with the reports of potential landing spots, rumors, deals being “close” and all that is involved. Apparently, there have been multiple teams that are in hot pursuit of Wentz and are doing so “aggressively”, but there are no indications as to who those teams truly are. There are plenty of trade destinations for Carson Wentz, but some teams appear to stand out from the pack.

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are undoubtedly the leading candidate to land Wentz, that is the case for a couple of reasons. Indianapolis needs a quarterback after Philip Rivers announced his retirement not too long ago. This team is pretty solid all-around, their defense is one the best in the league and the offense can get hot at the right times. It simply appears that the Colts are only a strong option at quarterback away from making a run at the Super Bowl. Now that Rivers is out, the void at the quarterback position is impossible to ignore, so going after Wentz makes sense.

Yes, Wentz had a horrendous 2020 season, but he has demonstrated that he can be a superstar NFL quarterback. This leads to the obvious reason why Indianapolis would acquire Wentz; Frank Reich is the head coach. Reich and Wentz formed a strong bond when they were together in Philadelphia and it was clear that the bond helped Wentz immensely. His 2017 MVP campaign displayed just that and the relationship between the two had a large impact on his performances. If Wentz were to reunite with Reich on the Colts then it is certainly possible that a resurgence of Wentz’s special play-style would take place. The question is though, does this all seem to be too good to be true for Reich to get his quarterback prodigy right back to him?

Chicago Bears

Chicago could be an interesting landing spot for Wentz because of the controversy that would appear regarding Nick Foles and Carson Wentz. Everyone knows the story of Foles in Philadelphia, but if the two were reunited, the Foles-Wentz debates would spark right back up. While Mitchell Trubisky is still there and took his team to the playoffs, his job is still not safe. So, that adds yet another element to the situation, having those three together would be quite interesting. Yet, that would be highly unlikely as either Foles or Trubisky would likely be involved in the trade if they were to acquire Wentz. Regardless, this trade would a very interesting event to take place.

The Bears’ quarterback situation is still in question regarding who to play between Foles and Trubisky. If Wentz were to arrive, he would be the choice that Matt Nagy and his staff would ride with especially if they were to give up a lot for him. Wentz is a rare talent who has the ability to positively take over a game easily. Perhaps a new coaching staff would be able to reignite his elite play that has been displayed in the past. Chicago could certainly be a team to look out for, as it seems that there are a large number of teams looking into Wentz.

Denver Broncos

Potential Landing Spots for Carson Wentz

Image courtesy of Denver Broncos

The Broncos are most certainly a large sleeper pick to acquire Wentz, but they are not out of the question. Denver has been a somewhat obsolete and forgettable team ever since the departure of Peyton Manning. Their quarterback situation has been a massive part of that issue because they don’t have a dependable quarterback. John Elway‘s team believed that Drew Lock is the guy to pull them out of the mud, but he isn’t. Lock has not demonstrated the ability to be a reliable guy for a struggling team and some may view him as overrated.

This is precisely where Wentz comes into the conversation. Denver needs a quarterback to run this offense and give them opportunities to win, Wentz could be that guy. His success prior to 2020 shows that he can be a playmaker and a new atmosphere could bring that success. While most would not like to admit it, Wentz is potentially worth a first-round draft pick in a trade package. So, simply seeing an exchange of Lock for Wentz and some lower draft picks is not very probable. Denver would need to offer up some extra parts, perhaps a Philadelphia need like a wide receiver or cornerback. Regardless, Denver is more of a longshot option, but crazier events have taken place.


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