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Potential Landing Spots for Cam Newton

After the draft one of the biggest stories around the league is the fact that Cam Newton is still on the market. Even Andy Dalton was cut and signed before Newton landed a job. It recently came out that Cam would not mind being a back up quarterback in 2020. The recently turned 31 year old has some perspective that he might not be viewed as a starter in this league and will likely have to settle for a back up role, at least for just this season.

The former Heisman winner won Rookie of the Year and has been to three Pro Bowls. In 2015 Newton had his best year leading the Panthers to a 15-1 record. Newton won the MVP after throwing 35 touchdowns and rushing for 10. He also led the Panthers to represent the NFC in Super Bowl 50, however, they came up short. Since then Newton has regressed every year and dealt with plenty of injuries along the away. This past season he only played in two games before being put on IR.

After being released late in the offseason, it appears that most if not all of the starting quarterback positions have been filled across the league. Even though he is not the player he used to be, many still believe Newton can still play today in the right situation. Wherever he lands he will be more than just an average back up quarterback, here are some locations where he can potentially end up.

Arguably the best quarterback room of all time is formed

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Contract: 1 year $4 Million


A few years ago the only way these two would be in the same quarterback depth chart would be for the Pro Bowl (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

The Seattle Seahawks have a top 5 quarterback in Russell Wilson. But they have a bottom 5 back up quarterback. Currently the only quarterbacks on their roster behind Russell Wilson are undrafted free agent rookie Anthony Gordon and journeyman Geno Smith. If something were to happen to Russell Wilson this offense would fall down the drain and become arguably one of the worst in the league. Bringing in a player of Newton’s caliber can prevent that from happening. With $20 Million in salary space the Seahawks have the luxury to bring in a high end back up like Newton.

Seattle could take a swing at Newton to sure up the quarterback position. Thought they would likely like to use their salary on other veterans that fill their needs, but they can afford to pay Cam more than other teams can.

If Newton were to join Seattle, the combination of the two would give Seattle the best quarterback room in the league. Two former All-Pros in the same quarterback room, that is a scenario that the Seahawks should really consider making happen.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

Denver-Broncos-Von-Miller-58-strips-the-ball-from-Carolina-Panthers-Cam-300x169.jpg After Cam Newton played the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 his career spiraled down to what it is today. Could joining the Broncos help him rejuvenate his career?

Team: Denver Broncos

Contract: 1 year $3 Million

How fitting would it be? The former first and second overall picks of the 2011 Draft Cam Newton and Von Miller becoming teammates. Also Cam Newton joining the team that ruined the peak of his career. It makes too much sense not to happen. The Denver Broncos have the second least amount of NFL game experience in their quarterback room behind the current Cincinnati Bengals roster (Broncos: 17 games, Bengals: 4 games). Their starter Drew Lock, though he played extremely well in those games, only started 5 last season. The Broncos still need a healthy veteran back up to help develop (a now healthy) Drew Lock. Joe Flacco was great for that role last year, but he was too pricey this past season, especially since he likely would not see the field. Best case scenario for Denver, Lock continues to improve and Newton would not see the field either. But Cam Newton is good enough to carry this win-now Broncos team if Lock starts to falter or gets hurt. Also it seems like John Elway has always be infatuated with the idea of Cam Newton becoming a member of the Denver Broncos whenever he has been available. The Broncos have $17.7 Million in salary cap space that they could use to bring in Newton next season.

Cam still ends up in LA

Team: Los Angeles Rams

Contract: $1.5 Million

gettyimages-1173196834-300x180.jpg The Los Angeles Rams could be the bets situation and city for a quarterback like Cam Newton (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Before the NFL Draft it seemed that the Los Angeles Chargers were the perfect destination for Cam Newton. But after adding Justin Herbert to compete with Tyrod Taylor the Chargers are likely out of the market for a quarterback. But that doesn’t mean that Cam cannot land in Los Angeles.Currently the Rams have 3 quarterbacks behind Jared Goff on their depth chart. They are John Wolford, Bryce Perkins, and Josh Love. So it is fair to say that they could use a household name or veteran as a back up. Cam Newton could fit this role perfectly. Sean McVay brought in former first round pick Blake Bortles to be the teams back up last season so they have no problem bringing a former starter as a back up. Cam could serve as a mentor for Jared Goff and potentially push him to become better. Like Cam, Jared Goff is a former first overall pick who has more questions than answers as far as who he is as a quarterback.Â

#1 mentoring #1

Team: Arizona Cardinals

Contract: 1 year $2.5 Million

1561757874_0ap3000001034788_video_cp-300x169.jpg There are not many quarterbacks that could be the perfect mentor for Kyler Murray, as he attempts to reach stardom, than Cam Newton

The Arizona Cardinals are trying to remove themselves from the bottom of the league and get recognized as a contender again. The moves that they have made in free agency and the draft have reflected that. However, all of that relies on how former first overall pick Kyler Murray plays this year. Murray is expected to improve in year two, but there are plenty of reasons why the Cardinals should consider bringing in Cam Newton to back up Kyler Murray. Their backup quarterback right now is Brett Hundley. Hundley is a solid back up quarterback, however if forced into a starting role for an extended period of time would be the same as waiving a white flag for the rest of the season and looking forward to next year. Newton would be able to run the mobile high powered offense Kliff Kingsbury runs if asked to step into action. Also Kyler Murray has a lot in common with Cam Newton. Both are former Heisman winning first overall picks who are explosive and are viewed as a threat because of their fantastic mobility and running ability. They also both wear number one. Cam Newton can show Kyler how to become like Newton was during his MVP season and also show him how to avoid the flaws and injuries that Newton faced over the years. Cam seems like the perfect veteran quarterback that should be behind Kyler Murray.

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