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Possible MVP candidates after week 1


If the season ended right now- yes if it ended after week 1, who would be the MVP candidates? Here are the top choices and why:

1. Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers is arguably the best in the NFL right now. He takes his team down the field in the matter of seconds if need be. He can easily draw linemen offsides and his ability to maneuver outside of the pocket is like no other. Before breaking his collarbone last season, he was leading in passing yards and touchdown passes.

In the first game of the season, he threw three touchdown passes and had almost 300 yards. Rodgers single handily carries the Packers to the playoffs year after year, even with their low-ranked defense. He makes any receiver look high-end. He already said his goal is to come back and win MVP just like after the first time he broke his collarbone. Rodgers throws dimes; his accuracy and perfect arm put him in front for NFL MVP.

2. Drew Brees

Brees is one QB that stays under the radar, or in the shadow of Brady or Rodgers each season. He currently owns the single-season record for most passing yards and has five seasons with over 5,000 passing yards. Season after season his accuracy goes up. Last season, he had the highest completion percentage of his career (72%). The Saints might have lost to the Buccaneers on Sunday, but Brees threw three touchdown passes and had almost 500 yards.

3. Tom Brady

Everyone knows that Brady is a Hall of Fame quarterback, he has five Super Bowl rings and a 13-year streak for making the playoffs so he is always in the running for MVP. The Patriots are the team to beat year after year because of Brady. But this year Rodgers returns- and other players could sneak up on behind. No matter how many players or quarterbacks are starting to shine, Brady is always in the running.

4. Todd Gurley II

It is unlikely that any player other than a quarterback wins MVP but Gurley could be the guy that defies the odds. Hurley is going into his fourth year in the NFL but he already has a rap sheet a mile long. The reigning offensive player of the year racked up 108 yards against the Raiders, most coming in the second half. He can easily break through a defensive line. Last year he had over 2,000 yards in 15 games. At this pace, Gurley can easily do that again, leading the Rams to a playoff run and leading himself to the MVP award.

5. Cam Newton

Newton is a quarterback that is always in the spotlight. Leading the Panthers to a 15-1 record in 2015, they were the team to beat and he was the quarterback to look out for. Newton was mostly taken off the radar after the 2016 season but now he is back and ready to step back into the spotlight. The win over Dallas on Sunday showed that Newton is slowly moving back towards his record-breaking 2015 season. He can run when need-be and he is great under pressure.

Under the radar possible MVP Candidates

Deshaun Watson

Last season, Watson was on his way to winning Rookie of the Year with his outstanding performances. He tore his ACL in practice right before the Texans were set to face the Colts. In his six games as a starter, Watson threw 19 touchdown passes and rushed for another, as well as maintaining 61% completion percentage. He returned this season against the Patriots, although his team didn’t pull out the win, he banked a touchdown pass and 176 yards.

Phillip Rivers

Rivers has his down years, but recently he has been making his way to the top. He’s been in the NFL since 2004 and ranks sixth in all-time touchdown passes. He’s been voted to pro bowl seven times, but has never really been in the running for MVP. Yet each year he has over 4,000 passing yards. He started the 2018 season out well with three touchdown passes and 424 yards. His completion percentage has been in the high 60s every year, Rivers is a quarterback to look out for but he has never been on the MVP radar because he has never had teammates around to to make him shine. With Melvin Gordon, Keenan Allen and a top-ranked defense, it is Rivers’ year to shine.

Tyreek Hill

Another player that could break out and stop all quarterbacks from being MVP is Hill. He flies under the radar because their are more known receivers, but he is an elite receiver with any quarterback and he proved that in the week 1 games against the Chargers. This third year receiver helped bring in a week 1 win on Sunday with two touchdowns and 169 yards. A break out year is to come- better than his six touchdowns and 1183 yards last season.

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