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Phillip Adams Shooting Supposedly tied to New Religious Ideology

Investigators say they will be investigating if the Phillip Adams shooting was tied to a new religious idealogy.

Investigators announced yesterday that they believe NFL player Phillip Adams possibly followed a new religion or ideology before he shot and killed six people and himself in South Carolina earlier this month. During a search of Adam’s residents, police found “cryptic writing with different designs and emblems,’’ according to a copy of Friday’s search warrant.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. Just makes me think more that something was going on inside his head. … It was almost like another person was writing.’’ Lauren Adams, Phillip Adams’ sister said to reporters.

Detectives still have yet to make a motive from the depictions from the emblems. However, Adam’s sister said that he(Phillip) has expressed his faith more since the passing of relatives. However, she did not mention that he was following a new religion or ideology before the shooting.

“He would just say that God’s got us,” she added. “His mental health degraded fast and terribly bad. There was unusual behavior. We definitely did notice signs of mental illness that was extremely concerning, that was not like we had ever seen.

“He wasn’t a monster. He was struggling with his mental health.”

“His Mental Health Degraded Fast”

According to Adam’s family, his mental health began to suffer after he finished football. His father said that “football really messed him up,” earlier this month. 

During his NFL career, Phillips suffered two head-related injuries within the span of two games. Both of them concussions.

Medical examiners are currently examining Adam’s brain for CTE or chronic traumatic encephalopathy. The condition is common amongst those who suffer repeated brain trauma.

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