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Philadelphia Eagles Week 9 Game Recap

Philadelphia Eagles Week 9 Game Recap

The Eagles were at home last weekend, as they took on the Los Angeles Chargers. Philadelphia did end up losing this game by a score of 27-24. There were a lot of positives to come out of this game for the Eagles. They kept this game close throughout and made a couple of key stops. This is new, as the Eagles are usually playing catch-up the entire game. The offense has also made a couple of changes that have really made them more productive on offense. This article will give a recap of the Philadelphia Eagles Week 9 game.

The Eagles have found success running the ball

Bringing Jordan Howard up from the practice squad may have been one of the best decisions Philadelphia has made all year. He was making positive plays throughout the game. Howard was finding holes in the Chargers’ defensive line, and he always fought for extra yardage. At one point Howard seemed like he was down, but he was on top of defenders and managed to gain extra yards by crawling on top of them. He looks like a different man from the last couple of years. He is stronger and faster this season. The Eagles running back ended the day with 71 and a touchdown. He scored that touchdown at the goal line as he sliced through defenders. This newfound running game has also taken the pressure off of Hurts having to pass every down, which was not working for the Eagles.

Analyzing Jalen Hurts’s day

Jalen Hurts had an overall good day passing the ball. He was accurate with his passing, as he completed 11 out of his 17 attempts. He also had some great passes. One was a bullet pass right into the hands of Devonta Smith for a touchdown. He stood in the pocket while throwing that pass, which is something he needs to do more. It was noticeable at times in this game that he would drop back, and his first instinct was to run after his first read wasn’t there. Hurts also missed a wide-open throw to Goedert at the beginning of the game. Hurts just threw it out of the reach of his hands.

Philadelphia Eagles Week 9 Game Recap

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He does still have things to work on like his accuracy and not being so run-happy, but he is improving as time goes on. Another positive was that Hurts took care of the ball and did not have an interception on the day. This is one of the factors that kept the Eagles in this game. He ended the day with 162 yards passing and one touchdown.

The Eagles defense made some key stops

The Eagles stopped the Chargers a few times while they were in Philadelphia territory. One stop was a goal-line stand toward the beginning of the game. The defense also stopped the charger near the redone later in the game. It is another positive to take away from this game. They did this by just playing good defense and making the appropriate reads based on the Charger’s offense. A defensive player that really stood out during this game was T.J. Edwards. He was all over the field making tackles and just being involved in plays. He had 14 total tackles, which five of those tackles being solo. The defense overall had a good day in the loss.

In conclusion, yes, the Eagles did not finish out this game, but the defense and the offense worked together. They both made plays that kept Philadelphia in this game. This is one of the few games this season where positives were evident throughout the game. The Eagles face the Denver Broncos this coming weekend. If they put in the effort they did with the Chargers, then they should have a great shot at winning that game. This concludes the Week 9 edition of the Philadelphia Eagles recap.

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