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Philadelphia Eagles Rundown: News

Philadelphia Eagles News

The Eagles have been all over the news as of late. Recently they just made a huge trade with the Saints, which could have implications for Jalen Hurts. In other news, it has also been reported that Philadelphia is one of three teams interested in pro bowl veteran cornerback Stephon Gillmore. This would be huge as the Eagles would fill a hole in their roster. This would also pair Darius Slay and Gillmore together which would be a heck of a duo. The NFL has also scheduled OTA dates. We will go further into when the Eagles dates are later in the article. All this news will be covered in depth in this edition of the Philadelphia Eagles Rundown.

The Eagles Trade with Saints

The Eagles had three first round picks going into the 2022 NFL Draft. This has now been shaved down to two as of yesterday as the Eagles made a block buster trade with the Saints.  The Saints got two of the Eagles original first round picks at No. 16 and 19. New Orleans also got a 6th round pick at No. 193 in the draft. In return the Eagles got the Saints’ first round pick at No. 18. The Eagles also got a 3rd round pick at 101 and a 7th round pick at 237. Furthermore, the Eagles also received a future first round pick in 2023 and second round pick in 2024.

This trade is interesting as the Eagles could be getting that 2023 first round pick in case Hurts regresses in the 2022 season. It is well known that the Eagles have been skeptical about Hurts as the Eagles have been named to be interested in some veteran quarterbacks including Jimmy Garoppolo and some draft prospects which includes Malik Willis. However, if Hurts leads the Eagles to another playoff appearance and shines in 2022 then this first round pick can help some of the future team needs for the Eagles. This will be interesting to see how this will play out over the next year.

Eagles interested in Stephon Gillmore

The Eagles are interested in free agent Stephon Gillmore, which would be a huge addition to this Eagles defense.  Philadelphia is one of three teams that are interested which also includes the Bills and the Chiefs. This move would bring a second elite veteran to this Philadelphia secondary as they already pro bowler Darius Slay.

Philadelphia Eagles News

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Gillmore has played 10 years in NFL up to this point. He has spent five seasons in Buffalo at the beginning of his career, four seasons in New England and as of recent one season with the Carolina Panthers. This past season he had two interceptions, 16 tackles and two pass deflections as he played in eight games in 2021. If the Eagles sign Gillmore it will more than likely not be anything too long term, which means it would probably still suit the Eagles to get a cornerback in the upcoming draft.

The Eagles Offseason OTA Schedule

The schedule has been released for the Eagles offseason activities/workouts. Philadelphia will have these workouts on May 31st, June 2nd-3rd and June 6th-8th. This is the first time the Eagles will be having normal workouts since 2019, as they were cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic. Furthermore, they were shortened in 2021 as players boycotted the workouts. This is due to them being strenuous on players bodies and could put the players at risk of injuries. However, it will be exciting when they start as it means the NFL season is just around the corner. This will also allow NFL fans to get a sneak peek of the 2022 Eagles team.

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