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Philadelphia Eagles Legends’ Spotlight: DeSean Jackson

There have been many great receivers that have played on the Philadelphia Eagles throughout the team’s history. These names include Jeremy Maclin to NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Owens. There is one receiver though that gave the Eagles fans many memories from his first year in Philadelphia in 2008 to his last year in 2013. This Eagles legend is named DeSean Jackson. This article will take you through DeSean Jackson’s time in college to his career on the Philadelphia Eagles.

His time at Cal

Jackson’s journey to the NFL began in the Pac-12 where he played college ball for the University of California. During his time as a Golden Bear, Jackson did it all. He was a great wide receiver for the three years he was there. During his freshmen year, Jackson racked up 601 yards receiving and seven receiving touchdowns. Jackson only got better during his sophomore year, where he really broke out as an elite receiver in college football. He had 1,060 receiving yards and nine touchdowns that year. Receiving was not the only area he broke out in that season. Jackson also became an electrifying punt returner. He had 435 return yards on 25 attempts. He also took four of those 25 returns for a touchdown.

DeSean Jackson Philadelphia Eagles

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During his senior season in 2007, Jackson declined a bit in production as had 762 receiving yards and six touchdowns. His punt return statistics also declined as he had 12 returns for 125 yards. He took one back for a touchdown that year. His college career was really a small preview of what his NFL career would turn out to be.

His time with the Philadelphia Eagles

Jackson was drafted by the Eagles in the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft. He had a great skill set which included blazing speed and his ability to be explosive at any given moment. As a rookie in 2008, Jackson started his NFL career with a bang as he racked up 912 receiving yards and two touchdowns. He also had 50 attempted punt returns that year, which was the most in the NFL. He totaled 440 yards in returns and took one back for a touchdown.

During the 2009 season, he surpassed the 1,000-yard receiving mark with 1,156 receiving yards. He also had nine touchdowns that year. Furthermore, he had 441 punt return yards on 29 attempts. He also took two of those back for touchdowns. Jackson also managed to take one return back to the house for 85 yards, which ended up being an NFL long that year. In 2010, Jackson again surpassed 1,000 yards receiving and had six receiving touchdowns. He had one of the more infamous moments of his career that year where he returned a Matt Dodge punt for a touchdown in the last seconds to complete an amazing Eagles comeback against the New York Giants that would ultimately send the Eagles to the playoffs that year. This would be known as the Miracle At The New Meadowlands.


After the 2010 season, Jackson would not have another 1,000-yard receiving year until his last year as an Eagle in 2013 before going to a new team. Jackson totaled 1,332 receiving yards, which is still his career high to this day. The former Eagles receiver also had nine touchdowns on the year. Jackson would finish his stint in Philadelphia with three pro bowl appearances and the status of legend to Philadelphia Eagles fans.

Where he is now?

After 2013, Jackson would go on to play for the Washington Commanders who are one the Eagles arch-rivals in the NFC East division for three years.  Jackson would then move on and play for the Buccaneers for two years during the 2017 and 2018 seasons. Jackson would then be traded back to Philadelphia for two years before leaving after the 2020 season. He would then sign with the Rams for part of the 2021 season until he got cut during the year as he was unhappy with his role. He now plays on the Las Vegas Raider as he continues his impressive NFL Career.

This Concludes this Philadelphia Eagles Legends’ Spotlight on DeSean Jackson.

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