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Philadelphia Eagles’ Legends Spotlight: David Akers

Philadelphia Eagles David Akers

The Philadelphia Eagles have had a lot of great players throughout the years. This ranges from great quarterbacks such as Randall Cunningham to legendary running backs such as Brian Westbrook. These are positions that people love to talk about, but kickers are just as important. They can win a game during any given week with one kick. The Eagles legend that will be spotlighted for this edition is former Philadelphia Eagles kicker David Akers.

David Akers in College

Akers went to the University of Louisville for all four years, which was from 1993 to 1996. The former Philadelphia kicker did not have that stellar of a career with the Cardinals. In the four years, he was there, Akers made 35 field goals out of 61 attempts. He averaged little over 60 percent throughout his college career until his senior season, where he struggled and only made 43.8 percent of his field goals. Akers did, however, make most of his extra points as he averaged around 90 percent all four years.

Akers with the Philadelphia Eagles

The legendary Philadelphia kicker started his career in Philadelphia in 1999. Before that, he spent one year with the Washington Commanders in 1998. In 1999, Akers did not kick much for Philadelphia. He made a couple of 40–49-yard field goals and made one from 50 yards or more. He had a field goal percentage of 50 percent that year. Akers really got going in his second season with the Eagles. Akers made 87 percent of his field goal attempts, with his long being from 51 yards. He was almost automatic that year from short to intermediate range. He made all 6 field goals from 20-29 yards out and 14 of 15 from 30-39 yards.

Philadelphia Eagles David Akers

Photo courtesy of Michael Kubel / The Morning Call

In 2001 David Akers made his first appearance in the pro bowl. He made 83.9 percent of his kicks that year. His long that year was from 50 yards. In 2002, Akers made the pro bowl again, as he made 88.2 percent of his field goals during that year. His long was from 51 yards.

Akers would go on to make the pro bowl four more times in his long NFL career. As one can see Akers was highly accurate in the NFL whether it was from short range or long range. The impressive thing was that he was still making kicks and going to pro bowls when was getting old. He tied the league for the most field goals made in 2009 as he made 32 that year and averaged 86.5 percent. He made the pro bowl that year and the year after that in 2010. It is safe to say that Akers was one of the most consistent kickers of all time.

Akers after his time in Philly

Akers would go on to leave the Eagles organization in 2011. The former Eagles kicker played for the San Francisco 49ers for two years until 2013. He made noise with that team too. He was first in field goals made in 2011 with 44 and had a field goal percentage of 84.6. percent. The next year in 2012 Akers made a career-long 63-yard field goal. Akers would go to the Lions in 2013, which would be his last season in the NFL as he retired the same year. He would be inducted into the Eagles Hall of fame and was named second-team of the National Football League 2000s All-Decade Team. In conclusion, David Akers was one of the best Philadelphia Eagles kickers of all time and it will take a while for someone to surpass his accomplishments as an Eagle.

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