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NFL Week 1 Games to Watch

With the NFL schedule out early this year, many fans are already looking up and down it to see what games they have to tune into. There are so many new storylines from an offseason full of interesting moves, new players rising the ranks and a global pandemic. With that in mind here are the games to watch in week one of the 2020 NFL season.

Patriots at Home Against the Dolphins

Normally this game would be one that people would predict a Patriots blowout. Instead, the Patriots are only -6.5 at home, against a team that won seven less games than the Pats last year. The reason that many expect this to be a close one? Because the Dolphins have had an incredible start to their rebuild and Tom Brady is now playing in Tampa Bay. 

Now it will be Belichick’s time to prove that his system can succeed with anyone running it. He will still have most of his stalwart defense but watching the offense should be interesting to say the least. With an unknown quarterback at the helm for the Pats for the first time in almost 20 years, this game will be worth tuning into.

Chargers at the Bengals

The schedulers knew what they were doing with this week one matchup. Burrow versus Herbert. Two brand new quarterbacks on two teams that have solid pieces but who have not been able to put it together. Even if Herbert doesn’t start, which is possible, people will be tuning in to see how the number one overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft will perform. Joe Burrow comes in with the hopes of a fan base deprived of winning in his hands. 

Will Joe Burrow be able to replicate his success at LSU with a different tiger? Will he get his first win in his first-ever NFL game? This is one that people absolutely cannot miss.

Buccaneers at the Saints

While the Pats playing without Tom Brady will be a storyline to watch, the Bucs playing with Tom Brady will be the storyline to watch. Not only is he playing outside of New England for the first time in his career but, he is also bringing back arguably the best tight end in NFL history in Rob Gronkowski. The dynamic duo will be taking their talents to Tampa where the team is seemingly already built for success. 

Add onto this a new rivalry that fans will get to see two times a year for at least the next two years in Brady versus Brees and this makes for must-watch football. While they are both nearing the end of their career, they are also both fighting for at least one more Super Bowl and they are in the same division. There is no way anyone who even kind of likes the NFL will want to miss this one.

Week 1 Is Going to Be Fun

The headline says it all. Even with a global pandemic, NFL fans will be chomping at the bit to make sure that week one goes off without a hitch. Whether this means at home or in a socially distanced stadium, fans will be needing to see these three games. And if you plan on making a bet, now is a good time to start analyzing those odds. Per sports betting dime, the earlier you put your money down, the better the odds usually are. Not that the odds won’t be great later down the road, but usually something will happen to the team and odds will change and it may not be in the team’s favor.

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