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NFL Players Most Likely to be Traded Before the Trade Deadline

NFL trade deadline

**Note: This article will be continuously updated until the trade deadline on October 29, at 4:00PM ET**

The 2019 NFL trade deadline is shaping up to be one of the busiest in recent memory.

With so many teams on the cusp of playoff contention and so many teams rebuilding, there is plenty of business to be done around the league. There are plenty of good players on bad teams that can help some borderline teams over the hump. While, in return, draft capital may be at an all-time premium.

Here is TGH’s list of players that have the best chance to be traded before the deadline on October 29. For more information on which teams may want them and why, please follow the links to our more in-depth trade destination articles.

DeVante Parker

DeVante Parker has been wasting away on some truly bad Miami teams. The 2019 iteration, though, truly takes the cake. The Dolphins may become the third team in NFL history to go 0-16. But none of that is due to Parker.

NFL Trade Deadline
DeVante Adams has been a very talented receiver on some very bad Miami teams. (Photo by Rich Barnes/USA TODAY Sports)

He has 18 receptions for 284 yards and three touchdowns in six games played this season. Those are not bad marks for a team that cannot seem to ever get anything going offensively. In his career, he has just over 2,500 yards and 12 touchdowns to only one fumble.

But those numbers do not paint a clear picture of his potential. The fact is, no one really knows what his ceiling is considering the pretty bad teams he has played on since coming into the league in 2015.

If a good team with a good offense trades for Parker, he could become special. At the very least he will be a solid, reliable receiver.

You can read more about DeVante Parker and his trade value here.

Xavien Howard

Yet another Dolphin makes the list in cornerback Xavien Howard.

Howard is a ball-hawk corner that could turn a defense around immediately. Teams struggling to create turnovers should consider a trade for him. Although he has yet to collect an interception in his four games started this year, he had seven in just 12 games in 2018. That performance earned him a trip to the Pro Bowl.

Since the Dolphins are pretty transparently tanking, they will field any and all offers for most players. One could see them hanging onto the young corner, and continuing to build their defense around him with their treasure trove of draft picks. But the right offer could absolutely pry Howard away from South Beach.

He is reportedly dealing with an injury, but it is likely Miami is just hedging their bets here. Not playing him in case he actually suffers some sort of serious injury that would ruin his trade value this year. Any team would be lucky to have him, and should consider doing business.

You can read more about Xavien Howard and his trade value here.

Eli Manning

Two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterbacks do not usually end their career on the bench. Manning should not be an exception to the rule.

Eli Manning is currently serving as mentor to the Giants’ sixth overall pick, Daniel Jones. While Jones did not immediately catapult them into contention, he is showing flashes of brilliance and keeping the team out of the basement, at the very least.

NFL trade deadline
The Eli Manning era has seemingly come to an end in New York (Photo by Noah K. Murray/USA TODAY Sports)

While he has handled the transition with grace, and seems to have a great relationship with Jones, it is a little upsetting to see his career go out with such a whimper. That could be avoided if a team with quarterback woes sees fit to trade for a veteran leader.

His numbers, while not MVP-level by any stretch, still are not blatantly awful, and a change of scenery might light a spark for the 38-year-old. His veteran leadership is treating Jones well, and it could be a boon to a QB-deficient offense somewhere other than New York.

Plus, knowing what a competitor Eli is, he would rather end his career walking off the field than walking off the bench.

You can read more about Manning’s potential destinations here.

Kenyan Drake

**Note: Kenyan Drake was traded to the Arizona Cardinals on October 28**

Dolphin number three makes the list in running back Kenyan Drake.

Drake has started in only two of six games this season, and has not even rushed 50 times. But this could be a similar case to Xavien Howard. Miami may just be keeping him as fresh as possible to get the biggest return possible in a trade.

Held scoreless this year, Drake still has a high ceiling and could be a great additional piece to a team that needs a boost in the running game. His nine rushing touchdowns through his first three years in the NFL are good, but his six passing TDs make him a true threat.

Some teams are not built to throw to the running back, while others thrive on it. This is where Drake becomes an interesting commodity. Clearly a threat in the passing game, either kind of team could make a trade for him and immediately benefit. That is, if an offense that does not usually use running backs that way is willing to make adjustments.

A multi-faceted back could be used by most anyone in the league, and there are plenty of teams that could benefit from a trade. And as previously stated, everyone in and around the NFL knows Miami will listen.

You can read more about Drake’s potential destinations here.

A.J. Green

Off to an 0-7 start under their first-year head coach, Zac Taylor, the Cincinnati Bengals are staring a rebuild in the face. The first domino to fall may be 7-time Pro Bowl wide receiver A.J. Green.

Green has not played a down of football this year after suffering an ankle injury in practice that would sideline him until after the trade deadline. Although he has said he would like to be a Bengal for life, he is in the final year of his contract, and Cincinnati is not gunning for contention any time soon.

NFL trade deadline
A.J. Green will still be one of the best receivers in the league when he returns from injury. (Photo by Kareem Elgazzar)

Thus, they would be remiss not to at least field some offers for one of the very best receivers in football. Especially if they will need draft capital to rebuild the team.

Green will come with the highest price tag of anyone discussed thus far, as he is truly a transcendent talent with a good head on his shoulders and a great work ethic and personality. But, the price tag would not be too high for a team that really thinks they have a shot at hoisting the Lombardi this year, and wants a little extra offensive insurance.

Cincinnati would love to keep him, and they would love the draft picks he would demand. It really is a win-win-win situation for the Bengals and any team who wants to employ Green.

You can read more about Green’s potential destinations here.

Tyler Eifert

Another Bengal on the trade block is tight end Tyler Eifert. An explosive, yet injury-prone player that could be a huge addition to a team lacking in pass-catching.

Eifert is always a threat to catch and run when he is on the field. He secures touchdowns and is unguardable if teams resign to putting a linebacker on him. The biggest knock against him is his insane injury history. He has never played a full season in the NFL due to injuries.

This fact may hurt his trade value. Teams are nervous to trade for players, regardless of talent, who cannot stay on the field. Still, though, with as weak as the tight end position has been in recent years, there are some teams that may be willing to take this chance.

Again, Cincinnati is begrudgingly entering a rebuild and they need to begin to embrace it. That starts with acquiring any draft capital possible for players that would otherwise waste their talent on a bad team. Eifert fits that mold, and the Bengals should hear any offers.

You can read more about Eifert’s potential destinations here.

O.J. Howard

A team seemingly forever spinning its wheels, Tampa Bay needs to field offers for tight end O.J. Howard.

As stated with Eifert, the tight end position is weak in the NFL, and every above-average tight end needs to be taken advantage of. Tampa Bay is not making the playoffs this season, and Howard could produce an good return for a team that needs to get better through the draft.

NFL trade deadline
O.J. Howard could be a great add for a team lacking in tight end depth. (Photo by

Many teams could take advantage of Howard’s blocking and pass-catching prowess. It does not help that he is having a down year, not yet finding the end zone in six games. But, he was good for 11 touchdowns during his first two seasons with the Buccaneers.

If his target share were to increase on a better team with a more consistent quarterback, his numbers would undoubtedly spike quickly. Punting on the season and making some trades would be a smart move for the Bucs, and they could possibly get an unexpectedly big return if they deal with the right team.

You can read more about Howard’s potential destinations here.

Vic Beasley

Only the second defensive player on this list thus far, defensive end Vic Beasley is approaching the end of his deal, and the Falcons need to field offers.

Atlanta’s season is effectively over at 1-6. They already traded away wide receiver Mohamed Sanu to the Patriots for a second-round pick. Vic Beasley should be next, as odds are he will not re-sign on an underachieving team.

A pass-rusher through and through, he could be a huge addition to a team if the scheme is right. He has been underachieving in the past few years after having 15.5 sacks in 2016, when Atlanta reached the Super Bowl. But, clearly, the ceiling is high for a player like Beasley.

The ability to reach the quarterback is something every defense wants most, apart from turnovers. And there are plenty of teams whose defense needs to create more pressure if they have a deep playoff run in mind.

Again, his contract is up, the Falcons are going nowhere, and they have seemingly realized this with the Sanu trade. The next to go should be a player they would lose anyway. Deal him, punt on a disappointing season, and use the deadline to prepare for next year.

You can read more about Beasley’s potential destinations here.

Stefon Diggs

After the Vikings’ weak start and the struggles of quarterback Kirk Cousins, receiver Stefon Diggs alluded that he may want out of Minnesota. Those concerns have been all but quelled considering Cousins’ immaculate play since these rumors surfaced.

NFL trade deadline
Diggs likely will not be traded due to the Vikings’ recent success. (Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/USA TODAY Sports)

We will not spend too much time dwelling on this potential trade, as the Vikings are right back in the race. But, if Minnesota wanted to send a message by dealing him, there are more than a few teams who would pay an incredibly high price for Diggs.

One of the most explosive and reliable receivers in the league, Diggs can take the top off of any defense. He would work in any scheme, and as long as he is kept happy and given the ball, would make any team better. The only issue is his huge contract.

Again, the Vikings would be stupid to get rid of him, especially considering all of Cousins’ woes have been smoothed over. But, if the ugly play rears its head again before the deadline and they do decide to move on from his personality, the buyers would include anyone in the NFL.

You can read more about Diggs’ potential destinations here.

Trent Williams

**Note: Leonard Williams was traded to the New York Giants on October 28**

One of the best offensive lineman a team could hope to trade for, Trent Williams should be on the trade block, regardless of the Redskins’ insistence that they will keep him.

Williams has made it clear he will not play for Washington again. He has not played a single snap for the team in 2019. It is clear why the Redskins want to keep him, but if he refuses to play, what is the point in not getting some value out of him?

His talents are wasted on a rebuilding team, and even further wasted if he will not even suit up. There are many teams that need offensive line help and depth that would be willing to give up a lot for a player like Williams.

A seven-time Pro Bowler with little injury concern would fetch a big return in this trade market. A team just needs to make a good enough offer to Washington to make them realize what a mistake keeping him would be.

You can read more about Williams’ potential destinations here.

Leonard Williams

Another Williams, this time on the defensive line, is a hot commodity on the trade block. Similarly to the Redskins’ Williams, the Jets have said they will not trade him. But, no long term deal has been signed. This may force New York to see what they can get for him on the market.

NFL Trade deadline
Williams is a solid defensive tackle that could be on the move due to his lack of contract assurance. (Photo by AP)

A perennially healthy, productive defensive lineman is not easy to find. The Jets know that, and want to keep him in New York. But, since the season is already all but lost they need to consider an alternate route here.

Many teams need to shore up their run defense, and Williams is a plug-and-play defensive tackle that would have an impact immediately. The main hang up for potential deals, here, is the price a team would have to pay for Williams. The Jets will not let him go for scraps.

That being said, a team willing to take the risk to make the next step would do well to get a player like Williams. The numbers are there, and he can even play defensive end if asked to. He may just be worth whatever the Jets would ask in return.

You can read more about Williams’ potential destinations here.

Patrick Peterson

Patrick Peterson is an absolutely electric cornerback that would make any team’s pass defense better immediately. Coming off a six game suspension for PED use, he is back and ready to make a statement.

Although, his talents are not being used to their fullest on a rebuilding team like Arizona. He seems like a luxury the Cardinals just do not need (or deserve) at this juncture. They need as many draft picks as possible to build around Kyler Murray. Peterson would get them some really good ones.

A true coverage corner who can turn the ball over, Peterson has been selected to the Pro Bowl in every season of his career. He also stays healthy, playing and starting in every game possible during his career, up until the six game suspension he just served.

Plenty of teams are lacking a true number one cornerback. Being able to shut down a team’s best receiver is paramount to success in the NFL. Especially the playoffs. Regardless of the reports that the Cardinals are not interested in trading him, they would be remiss to not at least field some offers.

You can read more about Peterson’s potential destinations here.

Michael Bennett

**Note: Michael Bennett was traded to the Dallas Cowboys on October 24**

Patriots defensive end Michael Bennett served a one game suspension for “conduct detrimental to the team.” After an altercation with the Pats’ defensive line coach, the team decided to sit Bennett to make an example.

NFL Trade deadline
Michael Bennett could be on the trade block after a suspension (Photo by Associated Press)

Being that New England just spent a second round draft pick on receiver Mohamed Sanu, and knowing that that front office loves their draft picks, it stands to reason that they would want that back. What better way than to continue the example made of Bennett by trading him?

The Patriots truly do not need Bennett to be successful on defense. They are statistically one of the best defenses in NFL history through eight weeks, and losing Bennett would not change that. If they could get a pick and a player, the Pats would not think twice about cutting their losses here.

Plenty of team need pass rushers, and Bennett, when he is on his game, is one of the best in the league. The haul they would need to give up is not clear, but he could make an immediate difference on a weak defensive line.

You can read more about Bennett’s potential destinations here.

Chris Harris, Jr.

Harris is on a one year deal with the Broncos, who are underachieving this year. They already dealt away Emmanuel Sanders, so it would make sense for them to continue the sale.

To recoup any value for Harris, they need to trade him this year, and time is running out. But trading away a number one cornerback means the Broncos would officially be punting on the 2019 season. They would need to be sure Harris would not re-sign with the team in the offseason.

That would be unlikely, as signing a one year deal when offered does not inspire a lot of confidence on either side. Trading him makes the most sense here.

There are plenty of teams in need of pass defense in a pass-heavy league, though. A veteran like Harris would get Denver a big return. He could make a difference on a team that is in need of some leadership on the back end of their defense.

A second to third round pick sounds like the right price, and there are enough teams willing to pay that price for the Broncos to field some offers for him.

You can read more about Harris’ potential destinations here.

Cordy Glenn

Glenn and the Bengals have a fraught relationship to say the very least. After suffering a concussion in the preseason and being left unhappy with the way the team handled it, he has not played a single snap in 2019.

It is unlikely this relationship will get resolved soon. Even if they were to make amends, bad blood could creep back in at any moment. The best option for both sides is to seek a trade immediately, before the trade deadline.

NFL trade deadline
Cordy Glenn has refused to play since suffering a concussion in the preseason. (Photo by Michael Ainsworth/Associated Press)

Considering Cincinnati’s current 0-7 status, they need to trade Glenn for some draft capital to get better. Especially if he refuses to play, anyway.

Teams are always in need of offensive line depth, as lineman seemingly go down more than any other position on the field. If Glenn is traded to a team he trusts and respects, he could be a good starter or a great backup, depending on how the team wants to use him. Obviously, whatever team makes the trade would need to make sure they can deal with a personality such as his, however.

Getting anything in return for a player who will not play for your team is a win, here. Cincinnati should get whatever they can before October 29.

You can read more about Glenn’s potential destinations here.

Yannick Ngakoue

Linebacker Yannick Ngakoue held out before the 2019 season began. He decided to play even though he still is not making the salary he believes he deserves. With a deal that expires at the end of the season, Ngakoue likely would not choose to re-sign with the Jaguars.

Thus, Jacksonville needs to see what they can get for him on the trade market. They surely do not want to lose a player like Ngakoue for nothing. A perenially healthy pass rusher is something that most any team in the NFL would love to have. He could fetch a decent return if dealt to the right team.

Ngakoue has 31.5 sacks since entering the league in 2016. He has forced 11 fumbles and has 97 combined tackles. So, clearly he is productive and would make an immediate impact.

Again, Jacksonville probably does not want to deal away Ngakoue, but considering he has already had to hold out on the team, him re-signing for anything less than a massive deal would be a shock. A second rounder or above could be on the table for the Jags here.

You can read more about Ngakoue’s potential destinations here.

Nelson Agholor

Another less likely candidate to be traded, the Eagles may still want to move on from Nelson Agholor. Even though they are thin at wide receiver, Agholor has problems with drops and giving effort on every play.

NFL Trade deadline
The Eagles may still elect to trade Agholor, even though their receiving core is weak. (Photo by Kate Frese/PhillyVoice)

A team doing business for Agholor would probably have to give up a younger, practice squad type receiver along with some late round picks in return. Although he does have some glaring issues, he can still be a productive receiver. Just not in a WR1 or maybe even WR2 capacity.

Philadelphia will likely elect to keep him as their receiving core is not only banged up, but sub-par anyway. But, they could choose to make a surprising statement here.

You can learn more about Agholor’s potential trade destinations here.

Carlos Dunlap

Dunlap is a veteran defensive end whose production and health are both pretty reliable. The winless Bengals may want to consider shopping him, regardless of him being signed through 2021.

His pass rushing abilities would be welcome on a lot of teams on the verge of playoff or Super Bowl contention. He is under control for years to come, so cap space may be an issue but he could be great for a team that could handle the money he is owed.

Dunlap has recorded 73.5 sacks in his nine years in he league. Before this year, he had not missed a single game since 2013. Teams lacking in pass rushing talent should jump at the chance to get a player like this.

Cincinnati would likely want a large return, in the vein of a first or second round pick. But there are a couple of teams who really need his production. The road to a trade is narrow, but entirely possible. Look for some teams to reach out to the Bengals for him.

You can read more about Dunlap’s potential destinations here.

Desmond Trufant

Atlanta needs to continue to consider trades after essentially already having a lost season. Starting 1-6 will make any team consider getting some draft capital in return for their best players.

Desmond Trufant
Atlanta may trade corner Trufant after a bad start to the season. (Photo by Jason Getz/USA TODAY Sports)

After trading Mohamed Sanu to the Patriots, Desmond Trufant should be next. Trufant is a veteran corner whose contract runs through 2022. That will be a huge draw to any team that wants to add some defensive depth.

Being that the Falcons thought they would be in playoff contention, they will likely want a healthy return for a player they can just keep and control for the next couple of years. But playoff-ready teams will be willing to pay the price, as pass defense means even more in the postseason.

Veteran leadership is nothing to take lightly, and a young defense could definitely benefit from this trade. But it would need to truly be a win for Atlanta for them to trade him.

You can read more about Trufant’s potential destinations here.

Robby Anderson

The Jets’ season was essentially lost after quarterback Sam Darnold missed four games with mononucleosis. Those four absences turned into four losses as third-stringer Luke Falk tried his best to keep the team afloat.

Couple their one-win record with the fact that wide receiver Robby Anderson’s contract is up at the end of the season, and all signs point to trading him to try and get some kind of return. New York is going nowhere this year, and it is unclear if Anderson will re-sign, so they should try and see what they can get.

Many teams are interested in him, and may pay a slightly higher price than he is worth for the playoff push in the second half of the season. He is a mostly healthy, mostly reliable wide out who can take some pressure off of a team’s number one receiver.

Any picks given up would be a win for the Jets, and as long as Anderson continues producing, would be a win for a team on the verge of contention. A smart trade is a no-brainer here.

You can read more about Anderson’s potential destinations here.

Aqib Talib

**Note: Aqib Talib was traded to the Miami Dolphins on October 29**

The Los Angeles Rams acquired cornerback Jalen Ramsey for a huge haul. They traded away two first round picks and a fourth rounder. They also may need to pay him after the 2020 season, which will be hard since paying Jared Goff and Todd Gurley some very rich contracts.

NFL Trade deadline
Talib is another veteran on the trade block after the Rams acquired Jalen Ramsey. (Photo by Jae C. Hong/AP)

Now employing one of the best corners in the NFL, they have little need for veteran corner Aqib Talib. Reports say they are considering trading Talib to clear up the logjam on the back end of the defense. Add on that the Rams are in need of draft capital after so many trades that robbed them of picks.

Being that Talib is currently on IR, a team would have to be willing to trade away picks for a small return in on-field production in 2019. But, an 11-year veteran presence will always be appreciated on a roster. He can still produce, and he can still be a difference maker. Even if that difference is just leadership.

The Rams may take whatever they can get if they really are committed to trading Talib. If they do not, however, keeping him on the roster would not be a huge loss, either.

You can read more about Talib’s potential destinations here.

Darius Slay

The Lions surprisingly traded safety Quandre Diggs to the Seahawks before the trade deadline. Now, top cornerback Darius Slay may be on the move.

Slay is a seven-year veteran who has collected 18 interceptions on his career. Even when he is not catching the ball, he is defending passes left and right, with 94 since 2013. It is unclear why the Lions would want trade their best corner while they are still in the playoff race. But it was also unclear why they traded Diggs.

A corner that can shore up the back end of a defense is on a lot of teams’ shopping lists this year. There are many teams that could use his services and pay a high price for him. And a high price is exactly what the Lions would request for him.

Keeping Slay would be a win, and trading him for a high pick or players would also be a win. The Lions will field calls and take what they can get if they are truly done with Slay. If not, the only downside is Slay losing confidence in the team.

You can read more about Slay’s potential destinations here.

Josh Norman

Washington is deep in a rebuild, and they can use all the draft picks they can get. That means it is time to move veteran corner Josh Norman and his contract.

NFL Trade deadline
Veteran CB Josh Norman may be traded away from the rebuilding Redskins. (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/UPI)

He is owed $6 million over the rest of the season and has not been producing. That may be in part because the effort is low due to playing on a bad team. A trade may light a fire underneath him and return him to his past form.

As far as teams that could use him go, take your pick. Most teams would take a veteran corner, even if it is a big personality like Norman. Some need him more than others, though, and would be willing to give up a fair amount for him.

Norman is not worth a first or second at this point in his career, but Washington very well may fetch a high pick for him anyway. With so many teams looking to stop the pass, veteran leadership is at a premium. Plus, with all of his experience in the league, he could fit in any scheme.

You can read more about Norman’s potential destinations here.

Janoris Jenkins

The Giants threw Jenkins on the trade block as they look to get younger in the offseason.

Cornerbacks are all over the trade block during this deadline. Jenkins is just the latest in a long line of defensive backs that may have a new home. New York clearly sees that pass defense is at an all-time premium. Jenkins’ value is extremely high right now as he already has four interceptions on the year.

Much like every other back on this list, there are plenty of teams that should show interest. Look for the Giants to take whatever they can get for him.

You can read more about Janoris Jenkins and his trade value here.

Alec Ogletree

Alec Ogletree was only acquired by the Giants last year, and he is already on the trade block. That does not spell confidence for teams looking to trade for a linebacker.

NFL Trade deadline
The Giants may move Ogletree after acquiring him only a year ago. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Newsday)

He is, however, under control until 2022. That kind of contract control is rare when talking about this crop of players on the 2019 trade block. Most are on the last year of their contracts, or approaching their last year much sooner.

Fortifying the front seven is not on many teams’ lists this October, but there are some teams that need some help. He may not fetch a huge return, but being that the Giants are rebuilding, that will not be a big problem. Ogletree is expensive, and a luxury they do not need.

You can read more about Alec Ogletree and his trade value here.

Nate Solder

This is also Nate Solder’s second year with the team. After seven years with the New England Patriots, the Giants tried to improve their line by going out and getting Solder. The line is improved, but the team is not living up to expectations.

There are plenty of teams who need offensive line help heading into the back half of the season, which should mean there is a solid market for Solder. Offensive line depth is huge considering how often they go down with injury and sub in and out in different packages.

Solder is a great option at tackle. He could return some huge draft picks depending on the desperation of the team trading for him, too. New York should not get low-balled here.

You can learn more about Nate Solder and his trade value here.

Le’Veon Bell

The Jets have reportedly opened up the trade discussion for their star running back. Bell signed with New York in the offseason on a four-year $52.5 million deal, which makes trade talks surprising.

Jets open to trading Le'Veon Bell
Bell is one of the more surprising players on the trade block this year. (Photo by USA Today Sports)

New York’s offense was supposed to be built around the tandem of Sam Darnold and Le’Veon Bell. But, with their season being over before it really began, the Jets must want to see what they could get for a player with so much potential.

He will not go for anything less than a first round pick and more. But there are teams lacking in both the running and screen game who would be willing to pay that price.

At 27 years old, Bell is still a capable running back in his prime. He’s great with the ball in his hands, and if put into the right scheme he could flourish. His career is far from over, and he could still be one of the most explosive backs in the league.

You can read more about Bell’s potential landing spots here.

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