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NFL Official Injured During Steelers-Ravens Game Fight

Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Matt Judon, made physical contact with an official during a fight with players from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Rivalries can be a healthy form of competition in the world of sports, but they do have their dark sides. That ugly side came out during yesterday’s game when a brawl broke out between the two teams.

During the end of the first half of the game Ravens cornerback ,Marcus Peters, and Steelers wide receiver Diontae Johnson had got into a fight that Judon tried to break up. Line official judge, Rick Patterson, tried to stop the fight, but Judon, held back by a coach, swung his arm and hit Patterson in the arm.

After the fighting, referee Brad Allen called ‘intentional hitting’ on Judon.

“I was attempting to free my arm as I was being held back, and I inadvertently contacted the official’s arm. My emotions were running high in the moment, and I take full responsibility for what happened,” Judon said in the game after-game press conference.

Head coach for the Ravens, John Harbaugh, maintained the Judon did not mean to intentionally hit Patterson.

Not A Good Look For Judon.

Whether intentional or not, Judon now faces a hefty fine from the NFL.

In the past, players that have “intentionally hit officials” receive of $35,096, as a first-time offense. Second-time offenders receive a fine twice as much, and any further incidents can result in a dissertation from the league altogether.

Judon became the third starter to leave in the first half of the game, with two more linemen suffering ankle injuries. One of them, Ronnie Stanley, is out for the rest of the season, due to an injury.

The recap of yesterday’s game can be found here

The Steelers play the Dallas Cowboys on November 8 on the road.

The Ravens play the Indianapolis Colts the same day.

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