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NFL Myths Busted

Everyone thinks they know everything about the NFL, myself included, but that is just not the case. There are a few ridiculous myths/theories out there that have always made me belly laugh. Time for me to rip them apart.

Tony Romo isn’t any good- Yes, his career is marked by playoff failures, but no quarterback alone is to blame. Undrafted out of Eastern Illinois, Romo became the Cowboys starter midway through the 2006 season. Since then, Dallas has not had a losing record in any season where Romo has started at least ten games. Romo has thrown for over 34,000 yards and posted a passer rating of over 95. Yet, fans, media, and more recently ownership, who flirted with Paxton Lynch during the draft, seem to try and tear Romo down at every turn. The 2-4 postseason mark and frequent late season collapses make me understand why, but the Cowboys are always in contention with Romo, despite never coming through. This is better than going 4-12 every year like the Browns. Romo’s value was never more obvious than last year. He only played in five games due to injury. Dallas literally could not win a game without him. The inconvenient truth is that Romo’s 78-49 career record as a starter and his stats make him a borderline Hall of Famer. Also, he is one great playoff run away from deleting the borderline from that statement.

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The running game is not important in the modern era- Believe it or not, 4000 yards used to be an incredible season for an NFL quarterback. John Elway only had one such season in his illustrious career. However, given the offensive friendly rules of today. It is much easier to rip off big chunks of yards through the air. 4000 yards is now commonplace. 12 quarterbacks broke the barrier last year. All this has in theory decreased the importance of running the ball effectively. Quarterbacks throw 50 times a game like it is nothing today. Also, it is rare to see running backs drafted in the first round anymore. So, most think running the ball is not necessary for big time success today. The truth is to win a championship you have to be at least capable at moving the ball on the ground. The Broncos were in the middle of the pack in rushing last year, but C.J. Anderson had 234 postseason rushing yards during Denver’s Super Bowl run. Seattle had Marshawn Lynch for both trips to the Super Bowl. Even the Packers, who were last in the league in rushing in 2010 had multiple 100+ yard rushing games from James Starks in the playoffs on their way to a Super Bowl title. Do not believe the chatter. There is absolutely still a place for “smash mouth” football.

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God helped Tim Tebow and the Broncos win in 2011- Okay maybe I can’t totally debunk this one, but while the Tebow was leading the Broncos to miracle wins in 2011, this actually became a real thing. I get a kick out of it to this day. Faith is such a huge part of the Tebow package, but this was ridiculous. It was never Tebow’s fault. Look, I believe in God. That being said, I think he has bigger fish to fry than who wins the AFC West.

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