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NFL MVP leak?




Thanks to a photo taken by Brad E. Schlossman we may have gotten an early view at this year’s NFL MVP. It looks like the award is going to *drumroll* Tom Brady!

In a rare but opportune moment captured by a camera, it looks like we have a very clear document of what looks to be Tom Brady’s MVP acceptance speech. If you look closely you can very clearly make out exactly what the document reads, which is more than enough to spoil the winner early! But is it really a spoil?

Brady threw for 32 TD’s to 8 INT’s with a 102.8 passer rating on his way to a #1 seed in the AFC along with yet another trip to the Super Bowl so it may not come as a surprise to many that Brady could win the MVP award for a 3rd time.

What is a surprise however, is perhaps the carelessness with which these sensitive documents are being paraded around with. It could be a speech that Brady wrote in case he does win, but I am not sure the GOAT would waste his time like that, on this of all weeks “just in case” he won. Only time will tell whether this document is legit or not, but for now, maybe this is that extra hint you needed to bet against your friends, that don’t think Brady will win the award this year. Whoever and wherever they may be.


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