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NFL Draft Trade Candidates for the Chicago Bears

The 2021 NFL Draft could go any way for the Chicago Bears. They are in dire need of a young quarterback, but at the same time, have many holes on their roster. Therefore, general manager Ryan Pace might be looking to make a move in this year’s draft.

If he wants to acquire one of the top five quarterbacks, Pace would have to trade up into the top 10. He reportedly is interested in doing so. This would sacrifice draft capital that the aging Bears might want to hold onto. However, finding the quarterback of the future may be worth it.

Meanwhile, if Pace wants to acquire more draft capital, he could trade down from the Bears first round pick at number 20 overall. This draft is deep at offensive tackle, cornerback and wide receiver, three major positions of need in Chicago. Therefore, if Pace acquires multiple early round picks from their spot at No. 20, they could add young, talented depth that they so desperately need.

The Chicago Bears have multiple options for the 2021 NFL Draft. They could trade up for a quarterback, sit tight at pick No. 20, or trade back to acquire more draft assets. Each option has its positives and negatives. Here are some teams that might be willing to move if Chicago decides to make a trade.

Miami Dolphins: No. 6

The Atlanta Falcons, at No. 4 overall, are the team positioned highest in the draft rumored to be willing to trade away their first rounder. However, it is unrealistic for the Bears to trade up that high. At No. 20 overall with an average amount of trade bait, Chicago does not have enough enticing assets for the Falcons.

The next highest team willing to trade their first rounder is the Miami Dolphins at the sixth overall pick. If the Bears were willing and able to trade up this high they would likely be able to draft one of the top five quarterbacks in this draft class, all of whom are expected to go in the early first round.

In a draft with many teams needy for a franchise quarterback, trading up this high would not be easy. However, if Ryan Pace is completely set on acquiring a top quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft, trading up to No. 6 overall would be the most sure way to do so.

Dallas Cowboys: No. 10

The Cowboys are another team willing to trade down in the draft. The Bears are reportedly interested in making such a trade with them.

FRISCO, TEXAS – JANUARY 08: Dallas Cowboy’s owner, president and general manager Jerry Jones at a press conference on January 08, 2020 in Frisco, Texas. (Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

This is a realistic option for the Bears from the standpoint of what they would give up. While the Cowboys and Jerry Jones could still force Ryan Pace to overpay, moving up from No. 20 to No. 10 is more possible from Chicago’s standpoint.

Unfortunately, it is quite possible that the top five quarterbacks are gone by the tenth overall pick. The top three picks are basically set in stone as signal-callers. After that, there are multiple teams that have interest in drafting a quarterback or are willing to trade down before the Cowboys first rounder.

Trading up to No. 10 overall is more realistic for the Bears than trading up to No. 6 overall. However, it is also more risky. There is a good chance that the top five quarterbacks are gone by No. 10 overall, in which case, the Bears will have sacrificed key assets for less of an impact player.

Cleveland Browns: No. 26

The Cleveland Browns are a team close to Super Bowl contention, but not there quite yet. They lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in a close Divisional Round matchup last season, and are looking to move onwards and upwards with their young core.

STATE COLLEGE, PA – NOVEMBER 21: Penn State’s Jayson Oweh (#28) looks on from the sidelines during a home game against the Iowa Hawkeyes on November 21, 2020 in State College, Pennsylvania. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

A main position of need for Cleveland is edge rusher. The 2021 NFL Draft is interesting as far as that position goes. There are four top edge rushers in Kwity Paye, Jayson Oweh, Jaelan Phillips and Azeez Ojulari. It is possible that one or two of those players fall to the Browns at 26th overall, but certainly not all of them.

This is where the Bears come in. If the Browns are particularly sold on one particular edge rusher, they could trade up to the Bears pick at No. 20 overall. In doing so, Cleveland would be more likely to get whichever player they have their eye on.

By trading down six spots in the late first round, the Bears would not acquire a major haul. However, they would still have a solid first round draft pick and gain more assets that they desperately need.

Philadelphia Eagles: No. 37

The Philadelphia Eagles already have the 12th overall pick in the draft after trading back from sixth overall with the Miami Dolphins. However, with their arsenal of 11 picks, they might trade their second round pick and more assets to reinsert themselves into the first round.

Philadelphia has a major need for high end talent. Their roster is full of holes and they need to have a successful draft to address these holes. By having two top-20 draft picks, they would have a much higher chance of finding potential impact players.

Trading out of the first round is a somewhat underwhelming choice for the Bears. However, it makes a lot of sense. With 11 picks this year and nine picks next year, the Eagles are a prime target to acquire multiple meaningful picks. Therefore, if the Bears want to acquire the maximum amount of assets while still having a good draft pick, trading down to 37th overall with the Eagles makes the most sense for Chicago.



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