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New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans Week 4 Preview

New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans Week 4 Preview

It is now Week 4, and the Tennessee Titans are visiting the Meadowlands to take on the New York Jets. Through 3 weeks, the Titans sit at 2-1 while the Jets maintain an 0-3 record. It hasn’t looked pretty at any point for these Jets, but it could get a little prettier for them this week. Here is a preview of the New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans.

The Good Guys

Zach Wilson will continue to have all eyes on him, as the new franchise quarterback for any team will. He has struggled mightily this season, but so far he has played against 2 of the top 5 defenses in the NFL. While expectations are still high, and with good reason, only time will tell how good this guy will be. The Titans’ defense is not exactly known to be elite, so maybe there will be more room for Wilson to sling the ball around. Denzel Mims returns this week, after being healthy scratched for Weeks 2 and 3, and fans hope he can prove why the Jets spent a second-round pick on him.

Another thing the Jets desperately need is a run game. They flashed how good it could be against the New England Patriots, but the Denver Broncos completely erased it in Week 3. It has been said 1,000,000 times, but they need a competent run game to unlock the pass game. Michael Carter has been seeing the field more, and he has shown why the team was so excited for him.

The defense, while they have allowed 70 points this season, is still surprisingly good. They currently rank 10th in the NFL in yards allowed per game, and they still rank 14th in the NFL in points allowed, despite being on the field almost 60% of the time. Hopefully, the offense will keep the defense off the field. If they are able to move the ball, they might actually have a chance.

The Opposition

With both Julio Jones and A.J. Brown sitting out this week, most of the focus will be on stopping the reigning rushing champ, Derrick Henry. A little bold prediction: the Jets hold Henry to less than 100 yards. Despite the two best receivers on the Titans being out, the Titans will still have to rely heavily on the passing game, unless the game script forces them in the other direction.

The Titans’ defense has not been great so far this season. While they aren’t too far behind the Jets in terms of yards per game, they rank 25th in points allowed per game in the NFL. They ALSO don’t force turnovers often, with just 1 takeaway this season. They will probably not need to force many turnovers this week, but it would certainly help them to keep the Jets’ defense on the field.

Ryan Tannehill will need to prove his worth this week, something he hasn’t done often this season. While he has been great in seasons past, he has only thrown 4 touchdowns, while also having thrown 3 interceptions. Honestly, this might be a little bit of a trap game for the Titans, who have struggled to get anything going on offense for periods this year.


The Jets may not win this game, but they might be able to keep it close. The betting line has the Titans as 6 point favorites, but don’t be surprised if the game ends up closer than that. If the Jets can establish a running game, and allow Zach Wilson to stay upright, they may have a chance. The defense has already proven its worth this season, they just need an equal contribution from the offense. This has been a preview of the New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans.

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