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New Stripes: Cincinnati Bengals to get new Uniforms for 2021

In a tweet this morning by the Cincinnati Bengals Twitter account, the team has announced that they will be updating their uniforms for the 2021 season. While no looks have been teased or hinted at, they have confirmed that the iconic striped helmets will stay.

Hopes for the jerseys/tops

To Speculate and have some fun with this, here is a look at some of the options the Bengals could see in a redesign of the Uniform. First and foremost, the white stripe on the side of the black and orange jerseys needs to go. The original intention was for this to represent the belly of a tiger, but it has dated the look and just seems to disrupt flow. Keeping the stripes on the shoulder would be good to keep continuity with the helmets. Other than these two request I can not point out much else to hate about the Bengals current tops. The strange orange bar on the back of the away jersey would be a good thing to cut out of the new look. This would essentially make them the color rush alternates, but with orange instead of black stripes. Something similar to the concepts made by Seth Reese on Behance, seen below.

concepts made by Seth Reese on

Hopes for the pants

The Pants are easy. Just go with a basic black, white, and orange. This may sound plain or boring, but solid color pants are generally timeless. A good rule of thumb is that keeping them basic almost always looks better. A key example of this can be seen at all levels. Penn State at the college level are always highly regarded for their timeless look. At most, Cincinnati could put some stripes down the sides like the uniforms from 1981-1996. This could be a good tie in with the best era for the franchise.

Putting hopes aside, it is nice to know that Cincinnati will be bringing in a new look for the Joe Burrow era. The currents stripes even caught criticism from former Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason, which could have helped to make this decision.

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