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Moving Forward at Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles

Moving Forward at Quarterback for Philadelphia

After far too long, the trade has finally been announced; Carson Wentz has been traded to the Indianapolis Colts. The process provided constant stress and controversy as the topic progressed with little results. Now that it is happening, it’s time for the Philadelphia Eagles to move forward with their quarterback situation. With Wentz gone, Philadelphia can focus on their next phase and decision as to what to do at quarterback. While some believe the decision is an easy one, others want to make things difficult, again.

Jalen Hurts is supposedly now the new No. 1 guy in Philadelphia who has to prove that choosing him over Wentz was the right move. The former rookie only played in four games throughout the 2020 season, so he has not exactly proven himself yet. While he has only played minimal time, he showed sparks of promise that were intriguing. Now the options are clear as to how Philadelphia should move on at quarterback, in addition to what they should avoid.

What Philadelphia Should Do

Moving Forward at Quarterback for Philadelphia
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Moving forward, the decision should be as clear as day as to what Philadelphia should do next, develop Jalen Hurts. The Wentz trade symbolized that they are ready to take the next step with the organization with a fresh start. Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie drafted Hurts in the second-round as insurance for Wentz, but that has evolved. Philadelphia needs to put the majority of focus on developing and making sure that Hurts can be the quarterback for the foreseeable future. The brand new coaching staff must build Hurts up and help him prove that he deserves this opportunity. With Nate Sudfeld being the other quarterback option, Hurts is clearly the only sensible option for Philadelphia.

Hurts certainly had his moments in 2020 that displayed his ability to be a gamechanger and team leader. His promising entrance against the Green Bay Packers and impressive performance against the New Orleans Saints showed that he can be a difference-maker. So, now more than ever is the time for Nick Sirianni, Shane Steichen, Brian Johnson and every coach to jump on board to ensure Hurts is ready to be the guy. There is already good news that Hurts is taking the initiative to work out with his receivers this offseason. This team needs to build chemistry if they want any chance for success and that all starts with Hurts and the focus and attention he will receive.

What Philadelphia Should Not Do

Moving Forward at Quarterback for Philadelphia
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Yes, Jalen Hurts has not played much, having only a handful of games to back up his case to be Philadelphia’s quarterback. Yes, Philadelphia has a long road ahead of them until they can feel comfortable about going into the 2021 season. Despite the question marks, Philadelphia should not use their No. 6 pick in the first round to draft a quarterback. Drafting a quarterback, even considering it, would be a massive “knee-jerk” reaction by all means. Philadelphia chose to ride with Hurts to end the season, they traded Carson Wentz and got a new coaching staff that should help Hurts. This has helped and continues to help Hurts’ confidence and belief that he’s ready to be the definitive starter.

If Philadelphia drafts a quarterback with their first-round draft pick, anything done to get Hurts ready will be damaged. Although different levels built up to Wentz’s decline and departure, drafting Hurts was a huge part of it, like it or not. If Philadelphia drafts a quarterback, any confidence that Hurts has will turn directly into doubt and paranoia. That is likely what happened to Wentz and it can happen to Hurts. The collection of quarterbacks that are on draft boards are impressive and talented, but drafting one will not fix anything. If they decide to draft a quarterback, doing so in one of the later rounds is acceptable so that they can have a potentially better backup. Avoiding a quarterback in the first round is their best bet to avoid more controversy and chaos from reigniting.


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