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Miami Dolphins Preseason Game Recap: Chicago Bears

Miami Dolphins Preseason Game Recap: Chicago Bears

The Miami Dolphins had their first preseason game against the Chicago Bears. There were a lot great things that came out of this game for the Dolphins, such as their special teams performance and the quarterback play. The starting defense and second team defense also played well during this game. The Dolphins did lose this game 21-13, but that was with a lot backups playing during the second half. This article will take look at all of the pros and cons that came out of the Dolphins offensive, defensive and special teams performance during this preseason game. This is the Miami Dolphins preseason game recap vs. the Chicago Bears.

The Dolphins Offense

Tua Tagovailoa looked good during his first preseason start. He was really accurate and made good decisions throughout his time on the field. He went 8/11 for 99 yards in the passing game. Tagovailoa  seemed to get the ball out of hands really fast. The con that was seen out of Taagovailoa was his lone interception at the end of his playing time. Tagovailoa threw a pass in the redzone, which was a little late getting to his receiver. Because of him being late, the Bears secondary was already on the receiver and had time to jump the route and pick his pass off. Tagovailoa did lead his team to an early lead with a 21-yard field goal by Jason Saunders with little over eight minutes left in the 1st quarter.

Miami Dolphins Preseason Game Recap: Chicago Bears
(Courtesy of South Florida Sun Sentinal)

The Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki also had impressive game at the tight end position. Gesicki was led the team in receiving yardage at the end of the game. He caught a 50-yard pass from Tagavailola. He ran a fantastic route and just got enough space from the defender to make the play. Gesicki ended up having two receptions for 56 yards during this game.

The Dolphins rushers also had some impressive performances during this game. Salvon Ahmed was their leading rusher with 40 yards. Ahmed is a very speedy running back when he can find creases within the defense. It seemed like he got 5-6 yards whenever he got the ball. Ahmed also scored a touchdown on a passing play. The Dolphins have seemed to make a point with getting the Dolphins running backs involved in the passing game. He caught a beautiful 23 yard passing touchdown form Jacoby Brissett at the end of the first quarter. This put the Dolphins up 13-0 during that time.

Dolphins defense

The Dolphins defense played spectacular during the first part of this game. This was especially true in the running game. They seemed to of bottled up any of Chicago’s rushing attack during the first quarter of this game. Christian Wilkins had one tackle, but he seemed to have been helping all over the field. He also managed to deflect one of the Bears passes. Duke Riley, who’ is a five year veteran also had himself one heck of a game. He looked fast and he was flying all around the field during his playing time. The Dolphins linebacker  had four solo tackles with one those being a tackle for a loss.

Noah Igbinoghene the Dolphins cornerback also had a stellar performance. He had four solo tackles and one pass deflection during his first preseason game of the 2021 season. The defensive performance did get worse throughout the game as more backups came in. They especially had a hard time stopping Justin Fields and potent passing and rushing attack later on in the game. There are some things to clean up with this defensive performance but there were a lot positives to come out of it.

Special Teams

Special teams looked promising with the performance of Jaylen Waddle and Jakeem Grant Sr. Grant had 50 yards in total punt return yards. He is great at juking defenders out at the start of his return and then bursting with speed once he found open field. Waddle has one punt return, but it was electric. It was a 24-yard punt return that put the Dolphins in excellent position. He looked quick and also juked some defenders out during this return.

Overall this was a promising performance by the Miami Dolphins during their first preseason game. They will look to get even better with their next game against the Atlanta Falcons. This was the Miami Dolphins preseason game recap against the Chicago Bears.


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