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Matt Nagy To Finish Season As Bears Head Coach

Matt Nagy and Bears front office

As the 2021-2022 NFL regular season draws to an end the Bears find themselves at 5-10 with two games left this season. With the Bears looking to replace Matt Nagy, they are now allowed to begin the interview process for new coaches. However, it would appear that the Bears front office has decided to wait until the end of the season. It has been reported that the Bears have made no final decision on whether Matt Nagy will be fired. Even though it is most likely the front office being kind towards Nagy it is important that the front office begins the interviewing process as soon as possible.

Matt Nagy and Bears Front Office

Courtesy of The Chicago Tribune

Getting a Head Start

The Bears are not the only ones who are in need of a new head coach and other teams are going to jump on this interviewing window. The Bears have decided to keep Nagy for the remainder of the year. Keeping Nagy aboard may hurt the Bears’ chances of landing a good replacement for Nagy. Although, it would be surprising to see all of the candidates begin interviewing in season you still never know. Bears fans are upset that the Bears have not yet announced that Nagy will be fired. There is still almost a certainty he will be fired but fans hope it will be announced soon.

Even though it is the respectful thing to let Nagy finish the year many fear the Bears need to move on now. Although this season has not been all on Nagy he has shown inconsistency and a lack of coaching ability. Even if the Bears are able to finish 7-10 the season was overall just a massive letdown. The Bears’ offense showed little to no success and was hurt by the offensive line. The defense while stepping up in most games could only do so much leaving the Bears with ten losses. It is not only Bears fans that know it is time for Nagy to go but the whole NFL as well.

Can The Bears Hire The Right Coach

With some questionable draft decisions and free-agent pickups, the Bears front office seemed to have turned that around this year. They traded up to get Justin Fields and picked up some other much-needed players. The question is can they now pick the right coach? Fortunately, for the Bears, there is a good selection of candidates. Yet, the Bears are not the only team looking for a coach. This offseason could be an interesting one with all the new coaching chances. The goal for the Bears is not necessarily to find a coach to take them to the Super Bowl season one but to show improvement and develop the players correctly. A job the Bears thought Nagy could achieve but was not successful.

It is likely that the Bears in the next few weeks will announce they are firing Nagy, which will lead to more information on who the Bears are thinking of hiring. At the moment there are rumors of some college coaches that are possible candidates such as Ryan Day and Jim Harbaugh. These are still all rumors and there won’t be any definite interviews until the season is officially over. All there is to do now is wait and hope for the best to come.

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