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Los Angeles Chargers’ Training Camp Breakdown

With training camps across the NFL underway, it’s time to take a closer look at how the L.A. Chargers are doing. The Chargers have several different interesting storylines for fans to keep tabs on this season. From the rookies, to the change in coaching staff, to Justin Herbert’s sophomore year, there are several different stories to discuss. This is the Chargers training camp breakdown.

The Rookies

Josh Palmer has been showing out at training camp and could nab the WR3 spot from teammate Tyron Johnson. (via Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports)

While training camps are nothing new to football players, the adjustment to an NFL training camp can be intense. However, it seems as though the rookies are adjusting better than expected. Rashawn Slater, expected to be a starter from Day 1, is busy learning the blocking schemes and 1-on-1 matchups. On the subject, Slater said, “it’s been a pretty smooth transition.”

The other rookies are doing well learning their schemes and adjusting to the speed of fellow NFL players. Josh Palmer, the rookie wide receiver from Tennessee, is doing a particularly good job at this. He has been showing out at camp and has a very solid chance at competing for the WR3 spot. Chargers fans can be well-assured that the wide receiver room is absolutely stacked for the time being.


The Coaching Staff

With the departure of Anthony Lynn and his staff, Chargers fans were uneasy about how this season would go. Sure, Lynn was not great under pressure and had subpar game clock management, but he was a fantastic leader and motivator for his team. It would be difficult to replace that type of presence in the locker room.

However, those concerns can be swiftly swept away watching even a single speech by new coach Brandon Staley. Coach Staley has not missed a beat in keeping his players motivated. As a first-year head coach, some were skeptical as to whether Staley would be a good leader alongside his defensive genius. However, Staley has proven numerous times that he can certainly lead a team.


Staley is a well-spoken and passionate coach. It is clear that he loves the game of football, and he has seamlessly taken over from the old regime. One can hope that Chargers fans can rest assured that Staley will do well, because it truly appears that he can do it.

Justin Herbert

Oh, Justin Herbert. The gunslinger himself, known by fans as Herbie, was a sensational quarterback as a rookie. After putting up arguably the greatest quarterback campaign by a rookie ever, expectations are high for his sophomore year. Through the first 9 days of camp, Herbert has looked great. He’s throwing lasers, he’s reading defensive schemes. Everything points to a quite fruitful sophomore campaign.

Justin Herbert is looking like he is ready to build on his historic rookie season. (via Sports Illustrated)

But herein begs the question: can Herbert build on his rookie year? Like mentioned earlier, expectations are drastically high for his sophomore year compared to his rookie year. Sophomore years for quarterbacks tend to have a superstitious air to them, as if they are fated to suffer from a drastic decrease in production. However, this has been proven false in recent years, with quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and lamar Jackson having breakout sophomore years.

Therefore, though the “sophomore curse” superstition looms overhead, Chargers fans shouldn’t fall for it. After all, it is only a superstition, one that has been proven false several teams already in recent years. Moreover, Herbert’s poise and gunslinger mentality seems to be effectively the same as his rookie year. Could Chargers fans see a potential All-Star season out of Herbie? Possibly, considering how his camp has been going, but that could be an exaggeration. After all, the AFC is absolutely loaded with quarterback talent. Either way, the Chargers faithful can expect great things out of their gunslinger. But remember this: don’t set expectations too high, or they’ll inevitably be let down.


Training camp has been very promising for this Chargers squad. Young players are doing their best to adjust to Staley’s schemes, Justin Herbert is looking like his rookie self, and the stars of the squad are showing out as well. Receiver Mike Williams has been making some very impressive catches through camp, and Keenan Allen’s route-running looks as sharp as ever. On the other side of the ball, Joey Bosa is adjusting to his new role as an outside linebacker, while Derwin James is finally healthy (fingers crossed it stays that way!).

One area of concern that has risen is the secondary. Yes, Derwin James is back, but there’s only so much the human Swiss army knife can do. Michael Davis (a.k.a. Vato) and Nasir Adderley need to step up their play, and Asante Samuel is doing alright at camp (though could definitely be better). This is the Los Angeles Chargers training camp breakdown.



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