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Looking at the 2021 Eagles Quarterbacks

Looking at the Eagles Quarterback Depth Chart

The Eagles have three quarterbacks that all have a shot at earning the starting job for the Eagles in 2021. The trio that the Eagles have involves one veteran, a rookie and a player who already played a year and has found some success in the NFL. These three quarterbacks are Jalen Hurts, Jamie Newman and Joe Flacco. It is heavily speculated that Hurts will have the starting position come their first game of the 2021 NFL season. Eagles coach Nick Sirianni has not yet come to a consensus on the starter. The reason being is for competition and letting each guy try to earn it. This article will be looking at the 2021 Eagles quarterbacks.

Jamie Newman

Newman is an undrafted rookie out of Wake Forrest. He is a quarterback who has the throwing strength and size to be a potential starter at the next level. He can throw the deep ball and give receivers good chances at coming down with ball. Newman has some speed, but he uses more of his size and power to gain yardage. This trait especially suits him well in the red zone because he can break tackles and power his way in the red zone. It would not be surprising to see Newman subbed in a goal line situation at some point in the season. Newman does not have a likely shot at being the starter at the beginning of the season. He does, however, have a shot at stealing the position down the road if Hurt and Flacco do not pan out. This rookie has all the tools to make some noise in the NFL.

Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco is a veteran quarterback who is most known for his long tenure with the Ravens. He won a Super Bowl with them and earned multiple Pro Bowl honors. He is now more than likely in a leadership role in Philadelphia.

Looking at the 2021 Eagles Quarterbacks
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Flacco has all the tools to help teach and coach both of the young quarterbacks on the roster. He is an accurate short to medium range passer. Flacco is also a good decision maker who reads through his progressions. Flacco can also score in the red zone with the strength of his arm and his accuracy. He is probably not a full-blown starter anymore, but he can definitely help as a second string back up. He is the perfect quarterback to help if someone gets injured, as he is a seasoned quarterback and knows what he is doing.

Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts was the starting quarterback in 2020 as he came in after Carson Wentz got benched. He only won one game as the Eagles starter, but showed a lot of potential. His only win came against the Saints, who were one of the best teams in the league at the time. Hurts has a lot of good attributes as an NFL quarterback. Hurts has a strong arm and is fairly accurate with his passes. He also has the speed, which allows him to extend plays out of the pocket and gain yardage when no play is available through the air. He has shown that he can both throw and pass at the NFL level. Hurts as said above is the favorite to take the starting position when the regular season begins. Hurts is their best option at having a successful season in 2021.

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