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Last-minute fantasy football draft reminders

The fantasy football season is so close we can almost taste it. We’re coming to a point when most people are ready to draft. Now many people have their own draft strategies that they think will put them in a position to win a championship, but there are things that everyone should do in their draft. Here are five things to remember when you’re drafting your team in fantasy football.

5.  Always take a kicker last: There’s no reason why you should take a kicker before the last round. Yes, there are some kickers who can put up big numbers but you can find those kickers week by week on the waiver wire based on matchups.

Matt Bryant can put up huge numbers for another year but why waste a spot on him when you can expand the depth on your bench. Even the top ten kickers aren’t worth a pick before a key bench player. Why take a kicker before the last round when you can get a sleeper and maybe he will turn into a Jordan Howard kind of guy who will end up winning you your fantasy football championship.

4. Running backs are key: Running backs have taken over the scene in fantasy football. If you have a top two pick then it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll have Le’Veon Bell or David Johnson.

The depth at the running back position is scarce this year. Players like Eddie Lacy will end up as your RB2 if you wait too long to take your running backs. There’s much more depth at wide receiver this year. You can pick up a player like Emmanuel Sanders in the seventh round and use him as your WR2 if necessary. In the end you won’t go wrong with taking a player like Julio Jones or Antonio Brown in the first round, but if you can land a stud running back then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take him.

Last minute fantasy football draft reminders
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3. Don’t take a quarterback too early: Unless you’re targeting a guy like Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady early in your drafts, wait on a quarterback and reap the rewards. Why waste a mid-round pick on a guy like Big Ben when you could find your key flex spot or number two running back/wide receiver.

Take Andy Dalton as an example last season. He wasn’t taken early in fantasy drafts but he put up big numbers and finished the season as the fifth-ranked quarterback in fantasy football. Yes you read that right, fifth.

It would be easy to get a guy like Andy Dalton in the double digit rounds while you can stack more and more position players on your bench and prepare for injuries.

2. Don’t just draft your favorite player: Many people like to draft players in fantasy that they can root for while watching their favorite team. Don’t worry, it isn’t illegal for a Eagles fan to take Ezekiel Elliott if the price is right. Fantasy football and rooting for your favorite team are two very different things.

When drafting in fantasy football you must take the best available player. You shouldn’t pass on Ezekiel Elliott in the third round just because you’re an Eagles fan. I’m not saying it’s bad to take your favorite player, but make sure you take them at the right price.

1. Trust your instincts: The worst thing you can do in fantasy football is overthink your picks. That decision could make or break your fantasy season but the right thing to do is trust your gut and go with your first choice. There’s a lot to consider when making a pick in fantasy football but what you must do is either draft to the needs of your team or take the best available player.

Some of fantasy football is luck so you never know what’s going to happen, but I assure you that you’ll feel better with your gut choice.


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