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Johnny to the Broncos?

Johnny Manziel is not going to Broncos, people. But it was reported that Johnny was living with Von Miller. So less just wonder for a second if Manziel actually did sign Manziel…

Gregory Shamus/ Getty Imagesj

Gregory Shamus/ Getty Images

If the Broncos don’t get Ryan Fitzpatrick and Colin Kaepernick is not willing to take a pay cut, why not look at signing Johnny Manziel? Manziel will be around his fellow Aggie Von Miller and head coach Gary Kubiak. Manziel will be under one of the great GM’s in the NFL, John Elway. I am pretty sure the off the field stuff will be handled in house. And even if it can’t be handled in the locker room, GM Elway will know how to talk to a fellow quarterback.

It also makes sense financially. Instead of getting Fitzpatrick at $11 million a year or Kaepernick at $7 million a year, you can get Manziel at a lower rate since he risk. The Broncos could also sign him to a contract for less years than if they drafted a quarterback in the late first round. Then use that pick to get a defensive tackle to replace Malik Jackson, someone like a Robert Nkemdiche from Ole Miss. Or a linebacker to replace Danny Trevathan, someone like Leonard Floyd from Gerorgia. Either one of those picks can help Denver in the long run for any quarterback under the center.

Courtesy of Getty Images
Courtesy of Getty Images

And even on the field Manziel has shown he can quarterback in this league. And with a better team he will not be asked to try to “wreck the league”, he will just be asked to play within himself and within the system. He does fit into this Kubiak offense. Kubiak loves the zone run game and a mobile quarterback. So Kubiak will even be able to throw in some zone read play to keep the defense on their toes. With the weapons already in Denver, any quarterback will improve throwing the Bronco wide receivers.

Do I actually think Manziel will get picked up from the Denver Broncos? Probably not. But it could happen, I think.

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