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GM Howie Roseman Plans to stick with Jalen Hurts

Howie Roseman and Jalen Hurts

According to ESPN, Eagles GM Howie Roseman says that he has confidence in Jalen Hurts as the Eagles starter in the future. His reasoning is that Hurts led the Eagles to the playoffs this season and the fact he will only get better. This comes after rumors and speculation that the Eagles organization were going after veteran quarterbacks such Jimmy Garoppolo and even Russell Wilson. The rumors have also included taking a high-end quarterback such as Malik Willis in the 2022 NFL Draft. This article will investigate if Roseman will stick with his claim that he has confidence in Hurts and what to expect from Hurts in the 2022 Season.

Jalen Hurts in 2021

Hurts and the Eagles are coming off a season that a lot of people did not expect them to have. Philadelphia went 9-8 and clinched a berth in the Wild Card round of the Playoffs. They would end up losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in that round.

Hurts had over 3,000 yards passing in 2021 and 16 passing touchdowns over the season. Furthermore, he was a force rushing the ball as he had over 700 yards on the ground.

Howie Roseman and Jalen Hurts

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He put up some impressive stats, but he did have his struggles. He threw nine interceptions and fumbled the ball rushing nine times. This is a downfall with Hurts, he needs to be more careful throwing the ball. There were times throughout the year when he would just make the wrong read and throw the ball right to the defender. As for his fumbling issue, Hurts needs to tuck the ball away if he feels he is in trouble. He tries to make too much happen, which ends up costing him in the end.

Will Roseman stick by his statement

Looking at his struggles, it is reasonable as to why Roseman would be looking for another quarterback. The Eagles probably could have been in more games and won a few more if they were not plagued with turnovers. Not to mention, the Eagles best running back could not help him, as Miles Sanders was hurt off and on during the season. The Eagles made it work with Boston Scott and Jordan Howard really stepping up. That rushing attack saved the Eagles season, and it is why Hurts had the success he did. Philadelphia just cannot be one-dimensional rushing every down. This might work in college, but NFL players are a different breed.

So what will Roseman stick with Hurts? Yes, unless he can get a good deal with a Russell Wilson trade or a Jimmy  Garoppolo. The Eagles would be best off sticking with Hurts in 2022, and maybe picking up a quarterback in this year’s draft or waiting until next year. However, if they do get a quarterback in this year’s draft, it would make zero sense to start him at the beginning of the year. Stick with Hurts who has the experience and if he struggles or regresses, then give the rookie a chance.

What to expect from Hurts if he Starts in 2022?

If Hurts does start next season, then it is expected that he will fix a lot of his mistakes from last year. First off as said above, he needs to limit turnovers. This is just a matter of Hurts being calm in the pocket and reading his progressions down the field. He cannot force the ball into coverage or be indecisive on whether to run or pass the ball. If he gets rid of that indecisiveness, then that will limit his interceptions and fumbles. With that being said, it is predicted that he will accomplish this, expecting his interception total to go down in 2022. The most crucial aspect is to limit his fumbles because that is one thing that is highly fixable. If he limits those two things then he will be successful next year.

However, do not expect Hurts to progress much in terms of passing yards. If the Eagles stick with that run-first offense then he could have less than 3,000 yards next season. Hurts passed the ball a lot at the beginning of the season, which helped that total. As for the rushing aspect of his game, expect Hurts to improve on that total. The Eagles can use his speed to their advantage to set up other aspects of their offense.

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