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Free agents in the NFL who could do with a move to a new club

A change of scenery can do wonders for anyone. It is one of the main reasons for going off on holiday. By exploring somewhere different, soaking up a culture that is different to your own, and enjoying local delicacies, you can find new things you enjoy, and become a more well-rounded individual. Hopefully, now the world is opening up again post COVID-19, and international travel becomes easier, we will all get the opportunity to take a vacation abroad, or at the very least a different part of the country we live in.

This applies to people’s professional life as well. When you first start a new job, you will be eager to impress, working extra hard to show you were the right person to be hired. However, over time, it is inevitable that productivity will drop, and you no longer push yourself to be the best. Standards begin to slip, efforts start to drop, and you are no longer the number one person at your place of work. 

That, or maybe you’ve achieved everything you can there, and hit a ceiling, and want to achieve more elsewhere. So looking for a new job, and moving to a different company can do you wonders, giving you a fresh start and a new lease of life.

We see this in sport all the time. In the world of soccer, Jack Grealish finally made the decision to leave his boyhood club Aston Villa, and transfer to Manchester City. City often win league titles, and play regularly in the Champions League, so for a player of Grealish’s quality, it made sense for him to change his surroundings, and head to a team where he could really push himself, to find out what he was really capable of.

This happens in the world of Formula 1 too. George Russell is one of the rising stars of the sport and has driven for three years for the Williams team, who on paper is one of the weakest on the grid. He has driven well for them and got more out of the car than many people thought possible. But when he had a chance to move to a bigger team, he did not hesitate to leave his old team behind. Now he is moving to Mercedes, taking the place of Finnish driver Valterri Bottas. Bottas has driven well for Mercedes, but most agreed he also needed to move on, and find a new team to race with. He has found a seat at Alfa Romeo, where he will be the lead driver. This happens in sport, that sometimes a move can benefit all parties, even if it seems like a step-down.

We see it in the NFL too, where players decide a move to a new team is what is required. It means they might reignite their career, and get bettors looking for NFL future lines on them to score touchdowns or gain top rushing yards once again. Let’s look at some of the players who are out of contract near year, and could do with a new club.

Big names could be on the move

Last season the Green Bay Packers made it to the NFC Championship, after an extraordinary strong season. They pushed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers very close but ended up losing 31-26. There are several Packers players who might decide to leave Wisconsin at the end of this season, including wide receiver Davante Adams. He is arguably one of the top players in his position in the whole league, and managed 115 receptions for 1,374 yards, as well as 18 touchdown catches last season alone. It seems crazy that he and the Packers haven’t come to an agreement, but he could well be off next year.

Another top talent who could move is Allen Robinson of the Chicago Bears. A Penn State graduate, he has performed very highly in the last two seasons, but he had a franchise tag placed on him during the offseason. It looks like his time in Illinois is coming to an end.

Mike Williams was a top-seven draft pick a few seasons ago and was picked up by the Los Angeles Chargers. However, he has fallen down the pecking order somewhat, so could be surplus to requirements. A move away from L.A. could be in order to kick start his career.

Another Williams, Brandon, could be primed for a move away from the Baltimore Ravens. He is considered one of the best defensive tackles around, but as he only seems to perform well in a 3-4 defence, will he struggle to find a new team?

Tampa Bay are the current Super Bowl champions but have a number of players with not much of their contracts left, such as Running back Leonard Fournette, wide receiver Antonio Brown, and defensive line Jason Pierre-Paul. If all of these players leave, the Bucs will need to do some top recruiting in the next off-season.

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