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Former Washington Staff Members ask NFL for Final Investigation Reports

Former Washington football team employees are requesting the NFL release reports regarding an investigation of sexual harassment.

In July 2020, reports surfaced of sexual harassment of female employee’s within the Washington Football team staff. The reports forced NFL owner Dan Snyder to launch an investigation, hiring attorney Beth Wilkinson to independently investigate. The NFL took over shortly afterward.

As of February 28, 2021, six months since the investigation started. The NFL has yet to release the final report.

When asked about the status of the investigation, Wilkinson declined to comment and referred the question to NFL offices.

Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL, said that Washington “has made lots of changes” in a press conference on February 4. He added that the league will share the reports with the team, and “others” when completed.

His comment did not sit well with employees or their lawyers.

“Without public scrutiny of the report’s findings, our clients and the public at large will not be able to trust the NFL to police this type of behavior and act decisively to penalize those in its ranks, including owners, who allow women to be exploited.” Lisa Banks and Debra Katz said a letter post-marked on Thursday. Banks and Katz are the two attorneys representing the former employees.

The Letter To Goodell Regarding Washington Investigation

The letter Banks and Katz sent to Goodell, reveals more details regarding the investigation in the Washington Football Team.

In the letter, the attorney firm states that the NFL has released results of many of its biggest investigations, “Deflategate”, and Ray Rice investigations. However, the firm states that Goodell’s comments on February 4 regarding the case, as a “fig leaf” for the NFL and Snyder to escape accountability. Adding the public will lose trust in the NFL if the reports are not made public.

The letter also states the Snyder knew about the misconduct for “over two decades.” citing a Washington Post article that started the investigation.

However, the Post reported Snyder was not directly involved with the harassment. However, Snyder received criticism for allowing the misconduct to take place.

Shortly afterward, the Washington Football Team fired two staff members that partook in the harassment.

The Goodell or the NFL has not responded to the letter as of February 28.

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