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Five Superbowl Prop Bets


How many tackles will Von Miller have? Photo by The Denver Post

Von Miller OVER 3 Tackles & Assists (+105) – I totally understand that Von Miller is a pass rusher so he doesn’t get that many tackles, but three is WAY too low. I’m baffled at this line and jumping all over it. It’s the Superbowl for crying out loud. The best part is that even if he gets an assist (meaning he tackled the runner with someone else) it still counts as a tackle. He’ll get four by halftime and it won’t even be close. You’re telling me one of the best linebackers in the game won’t get four tackles in the biggest game of his life. C’mon Man.

Panthers Punt OVER 4.5 (-125) – Another line that is another head scratcher. The Broncos have the number one defense in the league, why is this so low!? I understand the Panthers offense scores a lot, but Superbowl history shows that the teams are nervous and getting the jitters out in the first and second quarter. Another bet that will hit by halftime/ early third quarter.

The Golden Gate Bridge Being Shown OVER .5 (-350) – If you are a broke college student who needs some free money then this is the bet for you. The Golden Gate Bridge just has to be showed once and you win. It’s the easiest bet you’ll ever make and you can thank me later for the advice. Don’t play yourself.

Number of Players With a Pass Attempt OVER 2.5 (+175)  Here me out on this. Both Cam Newton and Peyton Manning will obviously throw the ball. So right there that’s two. Now we just need an end-around reverse or some trick play where the WR/RB throws the ball. I’d like to believe each offensive coordinator has some trick plays up their sleeve which includes something like that. Remember, it just has to be an attempt not a completion. Here’s to a Ted Ginn reverse where he just throws it out of bounds so he doesn’t lose yards. Also, this leaves a backup QB in play as well. Good value here.

Number of Field Goals Made OVER 3.5 (+105) – I like this a lot. Again, another bet with good value. Brandon McManus had 5 field goals against the Steelers in the divisional matchup. I think both defenses are good enough to make stops near the end zone, and wouldn’t be surprised if it’s 10-6 with three field goals by halftime. The Broncos have one of the worst percentages of scoring a touchdown when they’re in the red zone. Only thing that scares me is how nervous these kickers will be. Hopefully no shanks.

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