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Fans Fight Breaks Out During Rams-Chargers Preseason Game

Fans of the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers returned to SoFi stadium yesterday, for the first time in a while.

However, it seems they weren’t happy to see each other. In a now-viral video on Twitter, a man wearing an Aaron Donald jersey was being jumped by four other attendees.

The beginning of the video shows the fan wearing the Aaron Donald jersey arguing with the group of four. It’s unclear what started the argument, but it’s more than likely it was about the close game. Then after someone threw what looked to be a box of popcorn, the brawl actually started. Then the group of four managed to drag the man over the bleachers and begin to beat him. With several fans throwing food or beer at them. The man in the Aaron Donald jersey was then seen being escorted out by security after they finally arrived, but by that time the brawl had finished.

It’s unclear if the man in the Aaron Donald jersey is in the hospital or if any arrests were made. It’s also unknown why security let the brawl go on for more than a minute or even greater.

Welcome back to game fans.

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