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Eagles Preseason Preview: New York Jets

Eagles Preseason Preview: New York Jets

The Eagles are coming off a rough performance against the Patriots. They will have a chance to redeem themselves one more time before the regular season gets underway. Philadelphia will be facing the New York Jets in the meadowlands Friday night. The Jets are currently favored by 4 points in this upcoming game.

Philly will get their first look at rookie quarterback Zach Wilson, who played at BYU in college. He will more than likely be their starter at the beginning of the regular season. It is still unknown if the Eagles will play Jalen Hurts during this game. There is a high chance that they will rest him to avoid injury before the season starts.

This article will give a preview of what to expect from the Eagles during this game and a look at their opponent The New York Jets. This is a preseason preview on the Eagles game against the New York Jets.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles should be going into this game angry after getting a beat down by the Patriots during their last outing. That loss might actually help the Eagles and spark a fire in them to play better. This game against the New York Jets is a make-or-break opportunity for a lot of young players as they try to make a statement to get on the 53-man roster.

The Eagles need to give Hurts some reps in this game even though they would like to rest him. We have not seen much of Hurts for an extended period of time in the preseason. It still seems like he is a question mark as he has not gotten to show how much better he has gotten since last season. Hurts is also still a really young quarterback and he is still learning. It would only be good thing to see him at least play a quarter in this game.

Eagles Preseason Preview: New York Jets
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 Devonta Smith is another guy too look out during this game with the Jets. He got his feet wet in his preseason debut against the Patriots and caught a couple of shorts passes. It would be nice to see his explosiveness going deep against an NFL secondary. It would also be great to see him get some passes thrown to him inside the end zone. Jack Stoll is another player that should get reps in this game. He has played well recently and deserves one more opportunity to solidify himself as a main roster candidate.

The defense also needs to step their game up against the Jets. They gave up a lot of points against the Patriots last week. They need to redeem themselves and show that they can bring pressure and rattle Zach Wilson or the Jets backup quarterback inside the pocket. Zeck McPherson also needs to show that he can break up some passes and not look so vulnerable in the secondary.

New York Jets

The Zach Wilson era has started In New York. He looked sharp in his last game against the Packers. He threw for 128 yards and two touchdowns as the Jets got the win. It will be interesting to see how much the Jets play him during this game.

Eagles Preseason Preview: New York Jets
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The Eagles will also have to contend with CJ Mosley. He is a 4-time pro bowler and is a heck of a linebacker. He had 70 solo tackles in 2018 with 6 of those being for a loss. Mosley is fast for a linebacker and flies around the field. He can read plays and change his direction to where he needs to be to make a tackle.

Corey Davis also had an outstanding performance in his last game with the Jets, as he was the leading  receiver in yards. He had 70 receiving yards against the Packers. He caught 4 of the 6 passes thrown to him.

Overall this should be a helpful game for both teams as this will be their final game of the preseason for both teams.  It will also be the last time for the young player to make a statement.

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