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Eagles Player Spotlight: Ryan Kerrigan

Eagles Player Spotlight: Ryan Kerrigan

As the off season continues, the Eagles are slowly filling out their roster for the 2021 season. The Eagles most recently added former Washington Football Team Defensive end and linebacker Ryan Kerrigan. This move has made a lot of Washington fans unhappy since the Eagles are their division rivals. Kerrigan will fill a hole in the linebacking spot as this was one of the positions the Eagles needed to work on in the offseason. This is the Eagles Player Spotlight: Ryan Kerrigan.


Kerrigan’s college career

Ryan Kerrigan played at Purdue during his time in college from 2007 to 2010. He did not have big numbers during his first year at Purdue. This is because he was still trying to adapt to the college game and learn from other players. Kerrigan broke out the next season with a huge year with Purdue. He boiled up 56 tackles, with 11 of those being for a loss. He also had seven sacks on the years, which is what he becomes known for later in his career.

Kerrigan’s numbers only go up from there as he had a monster season in 2009. It was highlighted with 13 sacks. He also had 66 total tackles with 18.5 of them being for losses. During his senior year, he only increased most of his numbers. He had 70 total tackles with 26 of them being for losses. He also had 12.5 sacks during that 2010 season. Kerrigan’s college career only previewed what he would become in the NFL.

Kerrigan with the Washington Football Team

He started his NFL career in 2011 when he got drafted in the first round with pick number 16 by the Washington Football Team. He stayed with the Washington Football Team for his whole 10-year career before being signed to the Eagles. Kerrigan is four-time Pro Bowler and is the all-time leader in sacks for the Washington Football Team. This article will only highlight his four Pro Bowl seasons, since his career has been long. His first Pro Bowl season came in 2012. He had 54 total tackles and 8.5 sacks. Ten of those 54 tackles were for losses. In 2016, Kerrigan did not do as well in tackles. He had 33 total tackles with 18 of those being for losses. He also had 11 sacks during that year.

Eagles Player Spotlight: Ryan Kerrigan
Photo Courtesy of G Fiume/Getty Image

His next pro bowl season came the next year in 2017. Kerrigan had 46 total tackles with 15 of those being for losses. He also had 13 sacks. In 2018, Kerrigan had another monster year. He racked up 43 combination tackles and 13 sacks. The Washington football team player has 11 tackles for losses that year.

What can Kerrigan do for The Eagles

Kerrigan is a veteran player who can be a leader for the Eagles linebacking core in 2021. In the last couple years, Kerrigan has not had the production as a player he has had in other years. It will be interesting to see if Kerrigan can go back to his old ways and be a monster on the filed in 2021.

The Eagles will definitely look for him to get to the quarterback a lot during this season. Kerrigan is also great at tackling player behind the line. This can help the Eagles have an advantage on down and distance if Kerrigan can perform. He could possibly be the starter for the Eagles in 2021. It also would not be surprising if he didn’t start and the Eagles used him on key downs. Either way, the Eagles will find a fit for Kerrigan on the roster and will use him to their advantage. This is the Eagles Player Spotlight: Ryan Kerrigan.


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