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Eagles Player Spotlight: Jack Stoll

Eagles Player Spotlight: Jack Stoll

As the offseason continues, more players who have not been drafted are signing deals with teams. Jack Stoll signed a deal with the Eagles after the draft. Stoll is a tight end out of Nebraska. He will look to fill in a big hole since Zach Ertz is on his way out. The rookie does have some help in tight end Dallas Goedert, who has proven himself to be a productive player for the Eagles over the last few years. This article will take a look at Stoll’s collegiate career in Nebraska and what he can do in Philadelphia. This is an Eagles Player Spotlight on Jack Stoll.

Stoll’s career at Nebraska

The Cornhusker tight end spent all four years at Nebraska. He is a big tight end at 6-foot-4 and weighs 260 pounds. He does not have the flashiest numbers on paper. Stoll does, however, average a lot of yards when the ball gets in his hands. He averaged 12.7 yards in 2020, but he did not play a full season. In other years, such as 2019, he averaged 9.4 yards a reception in 11 games. In 2018, he averaged 11.7 yards a reception in 10 games. He gets the yardage with soft hands and his ability to run with ball after the catch. He uses his strength and size to bully over defenders and grind out a few more yards.

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As for yardage, his big years came in 2018 and 2019. He had 245 yards in 2018 and 234 in 2019. He totaled 657 receiving yards during his time as a Cornhusker. Stoll had six touchdowns during his college career, which is pretty good with the amount of times he was targeted during games. Stoll could be a red zone threat in the NFL, especially with the Eagles. Philadelphia targets tight ends a lot, which mean he will get more opportunities to shine. He can use his size in the red zone and reach over defenders to make catches. As said before, he also has the hands to be a red zone threat.

How can the Eagles utilize Stoll

There are a lot of ways they Stoll can provide help to the Eagles offense. Since he is a rookie, he may not get the amount of playing he wants over the season. With that being said, he can be a decoy to get Goedert open, then the Eagles can choose to stick with the two tight end package. As a decoy, he can also be used to trick defenders and gain some big yardage with defenders focused on Goedert.

The decoy is only one route the Eagles can use him as. If Stoll performs during training camp, he could be used as a regular tight end. At Nebraska, he was great at the vertical passing attack down the middle. That is where he got most of his big gains from in college. Another way he can be utilized is in the flat. His size and strength is enough to get him yards in those short passing situations. Either way, Stoll has a great mentor in Goedert as he looks to make a statement in Philadelphia.

Final Thoughts

Stoll it is not guaranteed to make the roster in 2021. This ultimately depends on other players the Eagles may pick up in the offseason and the direction they decide to go in. If the Eagles do get rid of him during the final cuts, it is a great possibility he will end up somewhere else in the NFL. It will be interesting to see what happens to this big tight end in the upcoming months. This concludes this Eagles Player Spotlight on Jack Stoll.

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