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Eagles Player Spotlight: Eric Wilson

Eagles Player Spotlight: Eric Wilson

The Eagles added some depth to the line backing core by signing former Minnesota Vikings linebacker Eric Wilson. The Eagles signing Wilson will help out Alex Singletary, who was the most reliable linebacker for the Eagles during the 2020 NFL season. Wilson will also have TJ Edwards helping him out him out as backup at the middle linebacker spot. Edwards showed that he can produce, but is not ready to be a full time starter.  This article will give everything one needs to know about one of the Eagles newest players on the roster. This is an Eagles player spotlight on Eric Wilson.

Beginning of Eric Wilson’s journey

Before the NFL, Wilson started his journey in college as a Northwestern Wildcat, where he spent a short time before transferring to the University of Cincinnati. Wilson excelled at Cincinnati, which made him a prospect to become a NFL linebacker at the time. He began his time at Cincinnati in 2014 after missing a year because of the transfer. Wilson put up promising numbers as a sophomore as he had 26 combined tackles with 3.5 of them being for a loss. Wilson really excelled as a college linebacker during his junior and senior years. He obliterated his tackle total from his sophomore year as he  racked up 106 combined tackles. 3.5 of those tackles were for losses that year, too. Wilson was an absolute monster for Cincinnati during his senior year. He had a combined 129 tackles with 7.5 of them being for losses. He was first in the American Conference in total tackles in 2016.

Eric Wilson’s career in the NFL

Wilson’s career in the NFL has not been bad so far. He has progressed steadily since his rookie year in 2017. Wilson played 16 games during his rookie year. He had eight total tackles and two forced fumbles. During his 2018 season, he quadrupled his tackles to 41. He also got to the quarterback a couple times as he racked up two sacks. Wilson is strong and fast, which gives him the ability get past the opposing offensive line. Wilson improved his total in tackles in the 2019 season. The former Vikings linebacker had 61 total tackles and three sacks. Wilson, at this point, got in the groove and began to really show his elite tackling skills he had in college.

Eagles Player Spotlight: Eric Wilson

Photo courtesy of John Autey / Pioneer Press

2020 proved to be the year where Willson made his case that he can be that special player on defense. He quadrupled his total tackles total with 122. He also managed to sack the quarterback two times. Wilson really shined in the turnover category. He had one forced fumble and two fumble recoveries. The linebacker also showed that he has hands and can make quarterbacks pay for throwing near him. Wilson recorded three interceptions as a linebacker. If Wilson can keep tackling and and creating turnovers, then he will be one of the more valuable linebackers in the NFL.

Final thoughts on Eric Wilson

The Eagles signing Wilson did not get the media attention as a player like Bobby Wagner would get. It can even be said that it’s flying under the radar. Wilson has proved that he’s progressing as his NFL career continues. Wilson is still young and has a lot more to show in the NFL. He will provide the Eagles linebacking core with a spark in the 2021 season. Overall, I think this a solid pick for the Eagles. It will be interesting how recently hired defensive coach Jonathan Gannon and offensive coordinator Jim Schwartz utilizes Wilson. This has been an Eagles player spotlight on the new Eagles linebacker, Eric Wilson

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