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Does Cam Newton Make the Patriots a Contender Again?

Cam Newton fantasy football

It is impossible to be an NFL fan and not have heard about Cam Newton signing a one-year minimum deal with the Patriots. Adding him give the Patriots their quarterback that they desperately needed. Nothing against Jarrett Stidham, but it did not seem likely that he would be able to take the Patriots all the way, again. Cam Newton on the other hand, now that is a conversation worth having.

What Cam Newton Brings

First and most importantly, he bring New England some stability at a position they were very weak at. While he has dealt with plenty of injuries in his career, last years was the worst in that he missed basically the entire season. Teams were reluctant to sign the former MVP for reasons unknown. But, what is known is that the man can do it all.

He completes passes at a 60% clip along with averaging a 25:13 touchdown to interception rating. Along with having the ability to run the ball averaging nearly 500 yards a season and six touchdowns. This is not to mention that he is regularly one of the best and most consistent fantasy quarterback ins the league. If one is a Draftkings when then they should check out a Draftkings promo code site before the season.

Lastly, it is common knowledge that Cam Newton is quite intelligent. He should be able to learn Josh McDaniels’ system easily and be able to thrive in it. Cam knows that if he can produce well for New England that either they will sign him to a much better and longer-term deal or someone else will because his type of talent is rarely available on the open market.

How he Moves the Patriots

Many analysts and fans alike felt that the Patriots would lose their steel-grip on the AFC East with Tom Brady leaving. This is because even with Bill Belichick, many did not have much faith in Jarrett Stidham. That said it was still clear that they would at least be a decent team.

With Cam Newton, the sky might actually be the limit. He truly is that talented, when healthy. Everyone around him will get better and this offense will definitely have a much different feel considering how immobile Tom Brady was. There is little doubt that Cam Newton has helped the odds, seen here, for the Patriots not only to make the playoffs but, potentially even make it back to the Super Bowl.

Even if McDaniels does not change the offense much, that may be better for Newton this season. He can show his pocket presence and just sling the ball all over the field. His arm is much better than Brady’s and that should allow for Edelman and N’Keal Harry to run different types of routes than they did last season. Cam Newton is definitely going to move the Patriots in the right direction.


Cam Newton makes the New England Patriots a contender. It is as simple as that. Without him they were likely looking at something like an 8-8 season. With him, 10 wins or more would absolutely be in the cards, even with the AFC East finally getting itself together. The Bills, Jets and Dolphins lives all got much harder when Cam Newton arrived.

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