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Detroit Lion Fans Call for Head Coach, Matt Patricia, to be Fired on Twitter

Detroit Lion fans called for the resignation of Matt Patricia, after losing against the New Orleans Saints in week 4 of the NFL 2020 season.

The second quarter of Detroit’s week 4 game was hard to watch for Detroit Lion fans. What was a once, a 14-0 point lead, quickly turned into a massacre. By the time the half was over the New Orleans Saints scored 21 points, compared to Lions, who scored 0 points. The Saints ended up winning 35 to 29.

While Lions fans hang their heads about the disappointing loss against the Saints, head coach of the Lions, Matt Patricia, takes the hot seat from the team’s higher-ups.

Insiders in the Lions reported that Patricia’s poorly received performance landed him in trouble with Lions’ ownership.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do. Certainly, when I came to Detroit, there was a lot of work to do and that’s what we’re trying to do.” Patricia told reporters from Fox Sports.

Twitter Not Happy with Matt Patricia

The Lions fans of twitter voiced their displeasure of Patricia’s performance tonight, as well.

” Nobody, and I mean nobody, blows a double-digit lead better than Matt Patricia. N-O-B-O-D-Y” One tweet read, while about tweet read “I don’t know how Matt Patricia can still have a job after the last two seasons and now this.”

Former NFL safety, Ryan Clark, even tweeted about Patricia’s performance in the game saying, “Does Matt Patricia put a pencil in his ear on game day? My guy might need to start writing things down in pen!”

This game makes the Lions 1-3 (one win and three losses), and the Saints 2-2 (two wins and two losses).

The Lions will have a bye week for Week 5 for the season.

The Saints play Monday, October 12 against the Los Angeles Chargers at the Saints home field, 8:15 eastern time.

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