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Could the Miami Dolphins Trade for Deshaun Watson?

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There are rumors that the Miami Dolphins could be a good candidate to trade for Deshaun Watson. Watson has dealt with legal struggles as he has 22 civil suits that are still pending for his sexual assault allegations. The troubled Texans quarterback has not played in a year. Miami on the other hand has quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. He led the Dolphins to a 9-8 season and fell just short of making the playoffs in 2021. The NFL world has doubts about Tagovailoa being a franchise quarterback after two seasons of not making the playoffs. This seems rather early to give up on Tagovailoa, but if the deal gets done it would be more questionable decision making from this Miami franchise. This article will look at the prospect of Watson being traded to the Miami Dolphins.

Watson with the Texans

Watson has no doubt had an impressive career in the NFL thus far. In four seasons in the NFL the Texans’ quarterback is a three-time pro bowler and has won a playoff game. Watson is a prolific passer as he racks up yardage through the air.

Could the Miami Dolphins Trade for Deshaun Watson?

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He has had two seasons where he passed for over 4,000 yards. In the 2020 season, he had the most passing yards in the NFL. He also can produce a lot of points throwing the ball as he had 33 touchdown passes in 2020. Watson is an elite-level quarterback and could very well lead the Dolphins to the playoffs if the Dolphins decide to trade for him.

Good deal for Miami?

Miami should be hesitant to trade for Watson. He still has 22 lawsuits pending and if Watson were to get in trouble, then the Dolphins would be out a lot of money and they would be back to square one. Miami has a quarterback now that has shown a lot of promise. He has had two solid seasons with the Dolphins and has proven that he can win.

The Dolphins do not have a perfect team around Tagovailoa. They struggled to get any form of rushing attack going, until the later part of the season when the Dolphins decided to take a chance on Duke Johnson.  Furthermore, the offensive line failed to protect Tagovailoa the whole year. He got injured in the Bills game in Week 2 and missed a few games. Who knows what a healthy Tagovailoa could have done in those three games if he did not get injured. This season could have been a very different story for this team.

Will this be reality?

Judging from how the off-season has gone thus far with the surprise firing of Brian Flores anything is possible. From Miami’s perspective, this will skyrocket their chances of winning a title. That is the goal for any NFL team. As for now, the Dolphins need to focus on finding a new head coach first. That is an important aspect of this situation. The next head coach may like Tua and want to stick with him. On the other hand, the new head coach may want to go in a different direction. This could be taking a quarterback in an early-round in the draft or taking one through a trade or free agency. Trading for Watson doesn’t seem like a smart move, but everyone has their opinions on the Watson situation, it is ultimately up to the Miami Dolphins organization. This concludes looking at the prospect of a trade that would make Deshaun Watson a member of the Miami Dolphins.

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