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Could the Eagles Take Trey Lance in the 2021 Draft?

Could the Eagles take Trey Lance in the 2021 draft?

There is still a lot of curiosity with who will be starting with the Eagles in 2021. There were reports out a week ago that Eagles owner Jefferey Lurie wants to build the Eagles team around Hurts. The situation may be changing again after an impressive performance from Trey Lance during his pro day. Interestingly enough, offensive coordinator Shane Steichen and quarterback coach Brian Johnson were both at his pro day scouting the future NFL quarterback. Could the Eagles draft Trey Lance in the 2021 draft?

His career at North Dakota State

Lance first started turning a lot of heads during his time at North Dakota State during his sophomore year. He played 16 games with the Bisons while compiling an impressive 2,786 yards. He also threw for 28 touchdowns during the 2019 season. The most impressive thing about Lance’s stats at NDSU is that he did not throw a single interception during that year. Along with his passing statistics, Lance also had a really impressive year rushing. He totaled 1,100 yards rushing throughout the season, which is an impressive rushing total for any quarterback in the NCAA. Lance was fifth in the NCAA in passing yards per attempt and was fourth in the passing efficiency rating at 180.6.

What are Lance’s attributes that he can bring to Philly

Lance has just about everything a NFL scout is looking for in an NFL Quarterback. First off, Lance has size, he is 6-foot-4 and weighs 226 pounds. He can use this size to his strength as he can shed tackles and gain extra rushing yards after first contact. Lance also has a lot of strength. There were multiple times throughout his 2019 season where he just carried defenders on his back either trying to gain a first down or a touchdown. Lance also has speed. If Lance gets into the open field, defenders are going to have a hard time catching him. Not only does he have speed, but he is also very elusive for a 6-foot-4 quarterback. The reason he is elusive is a combination of his speed, his vision to find holes in the defense and his ability to juke out defenders.

Could the Eagles take Trey Lance in the 2021 draft?

Photo Courtesy of David Samson/ The Forum

Lance also has a lot of strengths in the passing game. He has a lot of zip behind his passes and he can also throw the football a country mile. It is really hard throwing the ball accurately 40 yards down the field, but Lance makes it look easy. Lance also had a lot of success at NDSU with play action. This is because Lance has a potent dual threat ability where he can run and pass. This forces the defense to guess who he is going to throw to, which will put NFL defenses on its heels.

Is Lance a good fit for the Eagles and when could the Eagles draft him

The Eagles like to use play action to their advantage since they utilize the tight end position in their offense. This would make play action even more lethal with the threat of Lance’s speed. Not only do they have the threats that were mentioned, but their wide receiving core will also benefit a lot with Lance at the helm. This will surely spread out the defense, which leaves Eagles receivers open. There is one worry with Lance at the quarterback position in the NFL. Lance can not rely on his running ability quite as much as he did in college as NFL defenses are faster and stronger. He’d also risk injury if he decides to run a lot, which will force the Eagles into another change.

So could the Eagles draft Trey Lance in the 2021 draft? Lance is a good fit for the Eagles if they use him right. The Eagles would have to get him in the first round, which is a conundrum since the Eagles really need help at the receiver position. The Eagles already have Hurts, who has proven he can play in the NFL. It would be better for them to pass on Lance and take a quarterback later in the draft or in free agency.


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