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Could the Bears trade for Deshaun Watson?

After a flurry of frustrating decisions by the Texans organization, Deshaun Watson is likely done in Houston. They traded his top receiver, ignored his wishes and lied to him. It seems outrageous that Houston would even consider trading the superstar quarterback. However, Texans executives are rumored to believe that Watson has played his last game for the organization.

The Chicago Bears are one of the many potential suitors for Watson. Ironically, they chose Mitchell Trubisky instead of Watson in the 2017 NFL Draft. Bears fans desperately want Chicago’s front office to reverse the decision and trade for the Texans star quarterback. However, could the Bears realistically trade for Deshaun Watson?


The reported cost of trading for Deshaun Watson is three first round picks, three second round picks and a Pro Bowl caliber player.

This is a steep price for any team, but for the Bears, who have not had a first round pick the past two years, it is extremely unrealistic. Last season, the Bears had the 2nd oldest average age on their roster with no sign of getting any younger. To not have any first or second round picks the next three years would be a major mistake. As shown by the Texans this past season, having a great quarterback with no support system is no way to win games.

Deshaun Watson facing the Bears in Week 14 of the 2020 season. (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

In the end, the Texans probably won’t end up getting as many picks as the report suggests. However, they will want multiple top picks. This is another thing the Bears cannot offer.

Chicago’s first round pick this year is 20th overall. Compared to other teams interested in Watson, such as the Miami Dolphins, this is absolutely nothing. Miami has the third overall pick, which is much more valuable than the 20th overall pick.

When it comes to players, the Bears do not have much to offer. As stated before, their average roster age is second highest in the league at 26.7 years old. The Texans, a rebuilding team, will have no interest in most of Chicago’s Pro Bowl caliber players due to their age.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins, for example, have a second year quarterback in Tua Tagovailoa full of potential. Houston would much rather have this young quarterback than any player past his prime that the Bears could offer.

Compensation-wise, Chicago’s potential offer could not match up to most other suitors. The financial aspect of a potential trade is not too promising for the Bears either.


The Bears are already in trouble with the salary cap. They have the 11th least amount of money to spend this offseason, and would need to make some cuts and restructure some contracts in order to re-sign key players and sign all their draft picks.

To take on Watson’s $156 million contract would be even more of a challenge. It is doable, but the Bears would be in trouble financially for years to come. This would likely mean no re-signing Allen Robinson, no getting top wide receivers and therefore, not giving Deshaun Watson the weapons he would need.

Watson’s contract would fit into the cap space for this season, but it grows over the next few years. In 2022, he would have the third highest contract on the Bears, only behind Kyle Fuller and Khalil Mack. So unless one of those two players were included in a trade for Watson, there is no way Chicago would have enough money to complete a full team.

Financially, similarly to any potential compensation, the Bears are just lacking too much.


Bears fans can dream of seeing Deshaun Watson in a Bears uniform, but that time has likely passed. Ryan Pace selected Mitchell Trubisky in 2017, and ever since that moment, any hopes of Watson to Chicago have faded away. There is a slight chance that the Bears are able to acquire Watson, but realistically, it would not make sense for the Texans, the Bears or Watson himself.


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