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Could Allen Robinson sign with the Philadelphia Eagles?

Allen Robinson Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles added a major player at the receiving position last year in drafting DeVonta Smith. The Eagles wide receiver had a standout year as he had over 900 yards receiving and five touchdowns. He has been one of the only consistent receivers on the Eagles roster. Quez Watkins has shown that he can be explosive and make the big plays, but he is not doing it consistently. However, he is leaps and bounds better than Jalen Reagor. He had a bad season this year and has not given the level of production the Eagles expect out of him. So where do the Eagles go for a receiver? Look no further than veteran wide receiver Allen Robinson who is a free agent this year. This article will look at Allen Robinson possibly becoming a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Robinson’s Career thus far

Robinson has spent eight years in the NFL. Half of his time has been played with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the other half has been played with the Chicago Bears. He had three great seasons with Jacksonville. One of them stood out the most, which was his 2015 season. He racked up 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns that year. That was his only year he has made the pro bowl in his career. His last year in Jacksonville in 2017 was a setback for Robinson, as he tore his ACL at the beginning of the season and missed that whole year.

That injury in 2017 did not affect Robinson after recovery, as he has also had a great career with the Chicago Bears more recently. He had two 1,000-yard seasons in 2019 and 2020 with a combined 13 touchdowns. This past year, Robinson’s production fell a lot with Chicago. He only had 410 yards and one touchdown. This has a lot to do with the Bears not having a solid quarterback. Both Andy Dalton and Justin Fields struggled this past season throwing the ball. The Bears also did not throw a lot this past year as they were more of run first offense.

Robinson’s skill set and how he can help 

Robinson has many skills at the receiving position. He is great at using his vertical reach to stretch out and catch balls. He has shown this time and time again over the years. Robinson is also good at catching 50/50 balls. He knows how to gain positioning and beat the defender to make the catch. Furthermore, Robinson has excellent hands and is consistent at catching the ball when it is thrown his way. He is for sure one of the better and more experienced receivers in the NFL.

Allen Robinson Philadelphia Eagles

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His skill set would also bring a lot of good things to the Eagles. First off, he would be a great weapon to Jalen Hurts. Why? Hurts has trouble with accuracy sometimes, Robinson can make up for that when he is targeted with his ball tracking ability and with his positioning skills. He would also be another weapon in general. Defenses just worry about covering Smith when facing Philadelphia, Robinson would just another receiver to worry about. To further the argument, the Smith and Robinson duo will make the other receivers better. Watkins in turn would have an easier time getting open and maybe even Reagor would excel more with Robinson in the offense.

Will the Eagles make it happen?

It is totally possible that the Eagles could snatch Robinson. They would have to free up some cap space as Robinson will be an expensive player to acquire. The Eagles could also just settle with a first-round receiver in the draft to save up some cap space for other needs on the team. This could honestly go either way, it’s just a matter of what the Eagles organization thinks is the best decision. Time will only tell if Robinson will be wearing a Philadelphia Eagles Jersey at the beginning of 2022 NFL season.

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