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Complete 2020 NFL Schedule

NFL extends testing

TGH brings you the entire compiled 2020 regular season schedule!

The schedule is listed week by week, including start times and networks. The first team listed is the away team, with the second team in the row hosting the matchup.

Week 1

Thursday, September 10
TeamsTime (ET)Network
HoustonKansas City8:20 PMNBC
Sunday, September 13
TeamsTime (ET)Network
SeattleAtlanta1:00 PMFOX
New York (AFC)Buffalo1:00 PMCBS
ChicagoDetroit1:00 PMFOX
Green BayMinnesota1:00 PMFOX
MiamiNew England1:00 PMCBS
PhiladelphiaWashington1:00 PMFOX
Las VegasCarolina1:00 PMCBS
IndianapolisJacksonville1:00 PMCBS
ClevelandBaltimore1:00 PMCBS
Los Angeles (AFC)Cincinnati4:05 PMCBS
Tampa BayNew Orleans4:25 PMFOX
ArizonaSan Francisco4:25 PMFOX
DallasLos Angeles (NFC)8:20 PMNBC
Monday, September 14
TeamsTime (ET)Network
PittsburghNew York (NFC)7:15 PMESPN
TennesseeDenver10:10 PMESPN

Week 2

Thursday, September 17
TeamsTime (ET)Network
CincinnatiCleveland8:20 PMNFL
Sunday, September 20
TeamsTime (ET)Network
New York (NFC)Chicago1:00 PMCBS
AtlantaDallas1:00 PMFOX
DetroitGreen Bay1:00 PMFOX
JacksonvilleTennessee1:00 PMCBS
MinnesotaIndianapolis1:00 PMFOX
BuffaloMiami1:00 PMCBS
San FranciscoNew York (AFC)1:00 PMFOX
Los Angeles (NFC)Philadelphia1:00 PMFOX
DenverPittsburgh1:00 PMCBS
CarolinaTampa Bay1:00 PMFOX
WashingtonArizona4:05 PMFOX
Kansas CityLos Angeles (AFC)4:25 PMCBS
BaltimoreHouston4:25 PMCBS
New EnglandSeattle8:20 PMNBC
Monday, September 21
TeamsTime (ET)Network
New OrleansLas Vegas8:15 PMESPN

Week 3

Thursday, September 24
TeamsTime (ET)Network
MiamiJacksonville8:20 PMNFL
Sunday, September 27
TeamsTime (ET)Network
ChicagoAtlanta1:00 PMFOX
Los Angeles (NFC)Buffalo1:00 PMFOX
WashingtonCleveland1:00 PMFOX
TennesseeMinnesota1:00 PMCBS
Las VegasNew England1:00 PMCBS
San FranciscoNew York (NFC)1:00 PMFOX
CincinnatiPhiladelphia1:00 PMCBS
HoustonPittsburgh1:00 PMCBS
New York (AFC)Indianapolis4:05 PMCBS
CarolinaLos Angeles (AFC)4:05 PMCBS
Tampa BayDenver4:25 PMFOX
DetroitArizona4:25 PMFOX
DallasSeattle4:25 PMFOX
Green BayNew Orleans8:20 PMNBC
Monday, September 28
TeamsTime (ET)Network
Kansas CityBaltimore8:15 PMESPN

Week 4

Thursday, October 1
TeamsTime (ET)Network
DenverNew York (AFC)8:20 PMNFL
Sunday, October 4
TeamsTime (ET)Network
IndianapolisChicago1:00 PMCBS
JacksonvilleCincinnati1:00 PMCBS
ClevelandDallas1:00 PMFOX
New OrleansDetroit1:00 PMFOX
PittsburghTennessee1:00 PMCBS
SeattleMiami1:00 PMFOX
Los Angeles (AFC)Tampa Bay1:00 PMCBS
BaltimoreWashington1:00 PMCBS
ArizonaCarolina1:00 PMFOX
MinnesotaHouston1:00 PMFOX
New York (NFC)Los Angeles (NFC)4:05 PMFOX
New EnglandKansas City4:25 PMCBS
BuffaloLas Vegas4:25 PMCBS
PhiladelphiaSan Francisco8:20 PMNBC
Monday, October 5
TeamsTime (ET)Network
AtlantaGreen Bay8:15 PMESPN

Week 5

Thursday, October 8
TeamsTime (ET)Network
Tampa BayChicago8:20 PMFOX/NFL
Sunday, October 11
TeamsTime (ET)Network
CarolinaAtlanta1:00 PMFOX
BuffaloTennessee1:00 PMCBS
Las VegasKansas City1:00 PMCBS
DenverNew England1:00 PMCBS
ArizonaNew York (AFC)1:00 PMFOX
PhiladelphiaPittsburgh1:00 PMFOX
Los Angeles (NFC)Washington1:00 PMFOX
CincinnatiBaltimore1:00 PMCBS
JacksonvilleHouston1:00 PMCBS
MiamiSan Francisco4:05 PMFOX
IndianapolisCleveland4:25 PMCBS
New York (NFC)Dallas4:25 PMCBS
MinnesotaSeattle8:20 PMNBC
Monday, October 12
TeamsTime (ET)Network
Los Angeles (AFC)New Orleans8:15 PMESPN
Green Bay

Week 6

Thursday, October 15
TeamsTime (ET)Network
Kansas CityBuffalo8:20 PMFOX/NFL
Sunday, October 18
TeamsTime (ET)Network
HoustonTennessee1:00 PMCBS
CincinnatiIndianapolis1:00 PMFOX
AtlantaMinnesota1:00 PMFOX
WashingtonNew York (NFC)1:00 PMFOX
BaltimorePhiladelphia1:00 PMCBS
ClevelandPittsburgh1:00 PMCBS
ChicagoCarolina1:00 PMFOX
DetroitJacksonville1:00 PMFOX
MiamiDenver4:05 PMCBS
New York (AFC)Los Angeles (AFC)4:05 PMCBS
Green BayTampa Bay4:25 PMFOX
Los Angeles (NFC)San Francisco8:20 PMNBC
Monday, October 19
TeamsTime (ET)Network
ArizonaDallas8:15 PMESPN
Las Vegas
New England
New Orleans

Week 7

Thursday, October 22
TeamsTime (ET)Network
New York (NFC)Philadelphia8:20 PMFOX/NFL
Sunday, October 25
TeamsTime (ET)Network
DetroitAtlanta1:00 PMFOX
ClevelandCincinnati1:00 PMCBS
Los Angeles (AFC)Miami1:00 PMCBS
CarolinaNew Orleans1:00 PMFOX
BuffaloNew York (AFC)1:00 PMCBS
DallasWashington1:00 PMFOX
PittsburghBaltimore1:00 PMCBS
Green BayHouston1:00 PMFOX
SeattleArizona4:05 PMFOX
Kansas CityDenver4:25 PMCBS
San FranciscoNew England4:25 PMCBS
Tampa BayLas Vegas8:20 PMNBC
Monday, October 26
ChicagoLos Angeles (NFC)8:15 PMESPN

Week 8

Thursday, October 29
TeamsTime (ET)Network
AtlantaCarolina8:20 PMFOX/NFL
Sunday, November 1
TeamsTime (ET)Network
New EnglandBuffalo1:00 PMCBS
TennesseeCincinnati1:00 PMCBS
Las VegasCleveland1:00 PMFOX
IndianapolisDetroit1:00 PMCBS
MinnesotaGreen Bay1:00 PMFOX
New York (AFC)Kansas City1:00 PMCBS
Los Angeles (NFC)Miami1:00 PMFOX
JacksonvilleLos Angeles (AFC)4:05 PMCBS
New OrleansChicago4:25 PMFOX
San FranciscoSeattle4:25 PMFOX
DallasPhiladelphia8:20 PMNBC
Monday, November 2
TeamsTime (ET)Network
Tampa BayNew York (NFC)8:15 PMESPN

Week 9

Thursday, November 5
TeamsTime (ET)Network
Green BaySan Francisco8:20 PMFOX/NFL
Sunday, November 8
TeamsTime (ET)Network
DenverAtlanta1:00 PMCBS
SeattleBuffalo1:00 PMFOX
ChicagoTennessee1:00 PMFOX
BaltimoreIndianapolis1:00 PMCBS
CarolinaKansas City1:00 PMFOX
DetroitMinnesota1:00 PMCBS
New York (NFC)Washington1:00 PMFOX
HoustonJacksonville1:00 PMCBS
Las VegasLos Angeles (AFC)4:05 PMFOX
PittsburghDallas4:25 PMCBS
MiamiArizona4:25 PMCBS
New OrleansTampa Bay8:20 PMNBC
Monday, November 9
TeamsTime (ET)Network
New EnglandNew York (AFC)8:15 PMESPN
Los Angeles (NFC)

Week 10

Thursday, November 12
TeamsTime (ET)Network
IndianapolisTennessee8:20 PMFOX/NFL
Sunday, November 15
TeamsTime (ET)Network
HoustonCleveland1:00 PMFOX
WashingtonDetroit1:00 PMFOX
JacksonvilleGreen Bay1:00 PMFOX
PhiladelphiaNew York (NFC)1:00 PMFOX
CincinnatiPittsburgh1:00 PMFOX
Tampa BayCarolina1:00 PMFOX
DenverLas Vegas4:05 PMCBS
New York (AFC)Miami4:05 PMCBS
BuffaloArizona4:05 PMCBS
SeattleLos Angeles (NFC)4:25 PMFOX
San FranciscoNew Orleans4:25 PMFOX
BaltimoreNew England8:20 PMNBC
Monday, November 16
TeamsTime (ET)Network
MinnesotaChicago8:15 PMESPN
Kansas City
Los Angeles (AFC)

Week 11

Thursday, November 19
TeamsTime (ET)Network
ArizonaSeattle8:20 PMFOX/NFL
Sunday, November 22
TeamsTime (ET)Network
PhiladelphiaCleveland1:00 PMFOX
Green BayIndianapolis1:00 PMFOX
AtlantaNew Orleans1:00 PMFOX
CincinnatiWashington1:00 PMCBS
DetroitCarolina1:00 PMFOX
PittsburghJacksonville1:00 PMCBS
TennesseeBaltimore1:00 PMCBS
New EnglandHouston1:00 PMCBS
Los Angeles (AFC)Denver4:05 PMCBS
DallasMinnesota4:25 PMFOX
Kansas CityLas Vegas8:20 PMNBC
Monday, November 23
TeamsTime (ET)Network
Los Angeles (NFC)Tampa Bay8:15 PMESPN
New York (NFC)
New York (AFC)
San Francisco

Week 12

Thursday, November 26
TeamsTime (ET)Network
HoustonDetroit12:30 PMCBS
WashingtonDallas4:30 PMFOX
BaltimorePittsburgh8:20 PMNBC
Sunday, November 29
TeamsTime (ET)Network
Las VegasAtlanta1:00 PMCBS
Los Angeles (AFC)Buffalo1:00 PMCBS
New York (NFC)Cincinnati1:00 PMFOX
TennesseeIndianapolis1:00 PMCBS
CarolinaMinnesota1:00 PMFOX
ArizonaNew England1:00 PMFOX
MiamiNew York (AFC)1:00 PMCBS
ClevelandJacksonville1:00 PMCBS
New OrleansDenver4:05 PMFOX
San FranciscoLos Angeles (NFC)4:05 PMFOX
Kansas CityTampa Bay4:25 PMCBS
ChicagoGreen Bay8:20 PMNBC
Monday, November 30
TeamsTime (ET)Network
SeattlePhiladelphia8:15 PMESPN

Week 13

Thursday, December 3
TeamsTime (ET)Network
DallasBaltimore8:20 PMFOX/NFL
Sunday, December 6
TeamsTime (ET)Network
New OrleansAtlanta1:00 PMFOX
DetroitChicago1:00 PMFOX
ClevelandTennessee1:00 PMCBS
CincinnatiMiami1:00 PMCBS
JacksonvilleMinnesota1:00 PMCBS
Las VegasNew York (AFC)1:00 PMCBS
WashingtonPittsburgh1:00 PMFOX
IndianapolisHouston1:00 PMCBS
Los Angeles (NFC)Arizona4:05 PMFOX
New York (NFC)Seattle4:05 PMFOX
PhiladelphiaGreen Bay4:25 PMCBS
New EnglandLos Angeles (AFC)4:25 PMCBS
DenverKansas City8:20 PMNBC
Monday, December 7
TeamsTime (ET)Network
BuffaloSan Francisco8:15 PMESPN
Tampa Bay

Week 14

Thursday, December 10
TeamsTime (ET)Network
New EnglandLos Angeles (NFC)8:20 PMFOX/NFL
Sunday, December 13
TeamsTime (ET)Network
HoustonChicago1:00 PMCBS
DallasCincinnati1:00 PMFOX
Green BayDetroit1:00 PMFOX
Kansas CityMiami1:00 PMCBS
ArizonaNew York (NFC)1:00 PMFOX
MinnesotaTampa Bay1:00 PMFOX
DenverCarolina1:00 PMCBS
TennesseeJacksonville1:00 PMCBS
IndianapolisLas Vegas4:05 PMCBS
New York (AFC)Seattle4:05 PMCBS
New OrleansPhiladelphia4:25 PMFOX
AtlantaLos Angeles (AFC)4:25 PMFOX
WashingtonSan Francisco4:25 PMFOX
PittsburghBuffalo8:20 PMNBC
Monday, December 14
TeamsTime (ET)Network
BaltimoreCleveland8:15 PMESPN

Week 15

Thursday, December 17
TeamsTime (ET)Network
Los Angeles (AFC)Las Vegas8:20 PMFOX/NFL
Sunday, December 20
TeamsTime (ET)Network
CarolinaGreen BayTBDTBD
New York (AFC)Los Angeles (NFC)TBDTBD
Tampa BayAtlanta1:00 PMFOX
New EnglandMiami1:00 PMCBS
ChicagoMinnesota1:00 PMFOX
ClevelandNew York (NFC)1:00 PMCBS
SeattleWashington1:00 PMFOX
JacksonvilleBaltimore1:00 PMCBS
PhiladelphiaArizona4:05 PMFOX
Kansas CityNew Orleans4:25 PMCBS
San FranciscoDallas8:20 PMNBC
Monday, December 21
TeamsTime (ET)Network
PittsburghCincinnati8:15 PMESPN

Week 16

Friday, December 25
TeamsTime (ET)Network
MinnesotaNew Orleans4:30 PMFOX/NFL
Sunday, December 27
TeamsTime (ET)Network
Tampa BayDetroitTBDTBD
MiamiLas VegasTBDTBD
ClevelandNew York (AFC)TBDTBD
San FranciscoArizonaTBDTBD
DenverLos Angeles (AFC)TBDTBD
AtlantaKansas City1:00 PMFOX
IndianapolisPittsburgh1:00 PMCBS
CarolinaWashington1:00 PMCBS
ChicagoJacksonville1:00 PMFOX
New York (NFC)Baltimore1:00 PMFOX
CincinnatiHouston1:00 PMCBS
Los Angeles (NFC)Seattle4:05 PMCBS
PhiladelphiaDallas4:25 PMFOX
TennesseeGreen Bay8:20 PMNBC
Monday, December 28
TeamsTime (ET)Network
BuffaloNew England8:15 PMESPN

Week 17

Sunday, January 3
TeamsTime (ET)Network
MiamiBuffalo1:00 PMCBS
Green BayChicago1:00 PMFOX
BaltimoreCincinnati1:00 PMCBS
PittsburghCleveland1:00 PMCBS
MinnesotaDetroit1:00 PMFOX
JacksonvilleIndianapolis1:00 PMCBS
Los Angeles (AFC)Kansas City1:00 PMCBS
New York (AFC)New England1:00 PMCBS
DallasNew York (NFC)1:00 PMFOX
WashingtonPhiladelphia1:00 PMFOX
AtlantaTampa Bay1:00 PMFOX
New OrleansCarolina1:00 PMFOX
TennesseeHouston1:00 PMCBS
Las VegasDenver4:25 PMCBS
ArizonaLos Angeles (NFC)4:25 PMFOX
SeattleSan Francisco4:25 PMFOX

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